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    New missions

    Thanks a lot. But scenario editor is not the best for me, because I am desperate for playing something new. I really want be surprised in playing. Point is that I played all of Dune2 rounds many many many times! I know all scenarios, each location of spice fields, sandworms, enemy buildings and units too (its boring!) :-) Today - its 20 years anniversary for my playing this title :-) and I wish to celebrate this pretty issue by playing some new scenarios. Did any of you something in editor? .) Thx.
  2. xima

    New missions

    I mean, that it is it what I am talking about - one new atreides campaign (sign: poor 7th round) Does exists somethnig else? thx
  3. xima

    New missions

    Please, send me a link for any new missions. I played Super Dune 2 and version with new Atreides missions too. Thank you.
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