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  1. hey everyone, Do you have a version of Dune II editor that works with super dune classic ? nice to see this community is alive and well, cheers
  2. I'm using the Razor 1911 speed build hack now with version 1.00 of dune 2. I'm gonna plow through the game until I get to scenario 21 with atreides. Maybe I can flood scenario 21 with fremen playing version 1.00? anyways, gonna check it out, I'll report back here later :]
  3. MrFlibble - First of all I think the AI fixes you made to dune 2 are very good! I'm currently having a dune 2 "renaissance", and I've had a great time playing with the patch you've made. Now I'm playing through the Atreides campaign, and I am currently on scenario 21 for Atreides (the one where you're up against Ordos with a palace and Harkonnen. The way I've always played this level, involves building almost nothing but palaces and totally covering the map with Fremen (It's fun to externalize one's duties as a conqueror ;P ) and just watching the fremen basically winning the battle for me x
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