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  1. This sounds like a registry error. Find something like http://www.winaso.com/ and run it, then run the game. Registry cleaners are pretty nice, but underrated. If it still doesn't work, try uninstalling, then reinstalling into a folder inside your desktop. Installing programs into places like Program Files can be a problem for some older games these days b/c of Administrator rights, and this game is old enough to be one of them. (I STILL can't run it on my comp for unknown reasons, lol) The free version of WinAsoRegistry Optimizer only removes 10 errors at a time, so make sure you only scan one section of your comp at a time (there's a button u can press to tell it where to scan, out of 10 or so sections, instead of the whole thing). Just run it over and over, picking different sections until you're clear of registry errors. It takes a little while, but its better doing this once a month for 10 minutes than paying 30 bucks for it. *edit* I should mention that if your version of the game isn't run from an actual CD, you're a LOT more likely to have the sort of problem you seem to be having, and the chances of it coming back go up : ( If your game isn't running off a CD, I would burn it to a CD. I have had problems with other games when trying to use no-CD cracks or similar programs to allow for the same effect.
  2. Nope : ( Any other ideas? Should I post my DxDiag results or something? I don't know what I should be examining to work around the problem.
  3. Reinstallation gives me the same error. I ordered it online, like-new quality. CD's are unscratched (like i mentioned in my 1st post, its a legitimate version). Patching the game doesn't help, either. : (
  4. Yup, I'm running as an admin. If you can run it fine on your phenom, it must not be a multiple-core problem. Ever run into "application errors" for any other programs you've had? I'm baffled here.
  5. Hello everyone. I seem to be having problems getting Emperor: Battle for Dune to run properly. I use Windows 7. I get the error "GAME.EXE - Application Error" and it reads "The application was unable to start correctly (0x0000005). Click OK to close the application." Here's what I've tried to help fix the issue: I have tried setting the compatibilty mode to Windows XP, in service packs 1, 2, and 3, and it hasn't worked yet. I have attempted to set the affinity, to make sure its only running on one processor, as I have a quad-core system, but it tells me that "This operation could not be completed. Access is denied." I am running the game as an administrator, and am the only use for my computer, so I am not sure as to why it would tell me this, but whatever. I don't use any virutal machines, not yet anyway, as I would prefer to get the game working without having to use other programs to work around the issue, unless no other solution is possible. My discs are legit, so that is not an issue. My video card is an NVidia GeForce 9100. I have been reading several posts about problems involving NVidia cards, so I updated my drivers using the automatic tool, and had no problems doing so. Sadly, it made no difference. I had this game working just fine on my old computer, which is no longer working for a year or more due to power supply issues, so neither running it on another computer or using an old video card (my old card was integrated) are options for me. I am somewhat baffled by this problem, and would appreciate any suggestions. Attached is a picture of my error, if that helps. Thanks!
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