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  1. Haven't been able to get this working so far... :- Hey, does anybody know this: when I was editing the scenario files, I noticed that the parameters for the reinforcements include either an asterisk or a plus sign next to the deployment time. For example, "S,Troopers,EnemyBase,20+". Does anybody know what those symbols are for?
  2. I see. Yeah, I missed that part. Thanks.
  3. Another question: how do we make the game stop making us repair our structures all the time? ::)
  4. Hi everyone. I'm making some modifications to Dune 2. No separate mod, just a few tweaks to the original game to make it even more interesting. I have a couple of things in mind that I've been talking about in a couple of other threads, but I guess it's better to create a separate thread for my stuff... I was hoping you guys could help me figure out ways to make these changes: 1 - I think it would be cool to have a way of healing ("repairing") infantry units, much like the way vehicles can be repaired by sending them directly into the Repair Facility. I see several ways to accomplish this: - One option is to be able to send damaged infantry units (either on foot or possibly using a Carryall) directly back to the Barracks or WOR where they were produced, to be healed. The carryall is just an option, of course; while it does make the whole process of healing infantry faster, it might be needed for harvesters or for evacuating damaged vehicles... It's all a matter of priorities... - We might have two separate buildings for infantry as we have for vehicles. Vehicles are produces in either of the two factories, and they are sent to the Repair Facility when damaged. Likewise, we might have all infantry units be produced only at the WOR and healed only at the Barracks (simulating a field hospital, or Lazarett as in German). This would leave the WOR free to produce units while the Barracks (or Hospital if we rename it) heals others, which is good because it doesn't look like it's possible in Dune 2 to have a structure build a unit and repair another at the same time. This is actually my favorite option right now. - We might also send infantry units to be "repaired" at the Repair Facility, just like vehicles. At least that would save the player the trouble of building, powering and maintaining yet another separate facility, but the Repair Facility is expensive, can only be built in later levels, takes up a lot of space and is meant only for vehicles anyway... Besides, why would the player want to repair infantry if there are combat vehicles that can hardly even move anymore? Using Nyerguds' editor, one of the parameters that we have to consider in structures is, of course, "units can enter". But how can we make a structure repair units like the Repair facility and then deploy them after repairs are done? I also notice one parameter named "repair facility", set at -128 for the Repair Facility and at 0 for every other structure... But I don't know what it does. 2 - I would like to make Quads have the same kind of weapons as Troopers: rockets at long range, machineguns at short range. We've discussed this in another thread but didn't figure it out, because we can't tell what makes a unit be able to fire secondary weapons like the Troopers. Any ideas? 3- It would be cool to have some kind of mobile anti-aircraft weapon other than the rocket launcher. Maybe a Quad with anti-air capability, using rockets and/or machineguns as I said above. How might this be done? I'll post some more ideas later if I get them... Thanks for your attention.
  5. Hey guys, how do we edit the mentat text descriptions for each unit and structure in the game? I used WWPAK to extract all of the files within mentat.pak, but the files are in WSA format. I don't know how to edit these...
  6. Wow... :) That's interesting. I used to study something like that... But where are all the functions defined that are called by the Exec command?
  7. Thanks, MrFlibble and Nyerguds. :) I appreciate your help. Wow, this editor is really something exciting... :) I understand. It's no surprise that this takes a lot of good old-fashion hacker work... ;D I've used the editor to make minor modifications to Dune 2 on my system. So far it's working out pretty well. I'll let you know if I can find something new, we'll see... Got it. And I'm suddenly feeling tempted to make either a WOR or a Barracks produce both Infantry and Troopers for all houses, without having to build two different buildings, like in Dune 2000... ;D You're right. My bad. :P That sucks. But I guessed as much, anyway. :) Thanks again, guys.
  8. OK, two more questions... :) - Some units fire two shots every time they attack. For example, a single soldier fires once, but a squad fires twice. A tank fires once, a siege tank or devastator fires twice. Moreover, a damaged unit that normally fires twice can only fire once (after the hit point bar turns yellow). So in the code, what tells us whether a (undamaged) unit will fire once or twice? (Or perhaps even more times?) - Is it possible to add our own sound effects somehow? ;D (I'm thinking maybe another modding tool is needed for this...)
  9. Hi, people. :) I've just started trying Nyerguds' editor. I need to ask a couple of questions: - Comparing the soldier and the trooper, I see that the weapon ranges are different, but the "weapon type" parameter is the same: "Bullet". But we all know that the trooper uses two weapons: normally a rocket launcher, but a machinegun at close range. So how can we see this in the code? The trooper isn't actually shooting a machinegun at targets five squares away, instead it switches automatically to rockets... ??? - Would it be possible to make the quads have the same weapons as a squad of troopers, i.e. two unguided rockets as primary weapon, two machinegun bursts at close range? (Dune 2000 comes to mind...) - What value tells us which is the building a newly-built unit will be deployed from? That is, soldiers from barracks, trikes from light factories, and so on... Thanks, that's all for now. I'll keep trying the editor on my own... It's looking pretty good so far, by the way. Congrats, Nyerguds. :)
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