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  1. @Dark Wesker, when I played in "Emperor Mission by Shai-Gel98" I did the same. Am I to understand that there is no simple resolve for this? Moreover there is one more problem. In my situation, my Harkonnen ally (Emperor AI) has a Emperor Palace and here I haven't option to fix it (because how we know, AI won't be capture my Palace in his base) and that's the problem.
  2. Ok, I fixed a problem with "[...] out of memory..." etc. and one problem left.. still. In scenario, when I play as Emperor (in mis. file: swap index 1-3, in map. file: swap colors; red-violet, change starport devilery customer&resp unit as Harkonnen of course + add some sardakuars resp unit because they added to the map is resp as stealth fremen - funny, imperfections creator I guess) and so, I have a Harkonenn Palace with Death Hand Missle instead Emperor Palace (maked in map editor) and Harkonnen ally (being physical as Emperor - swaped index recall) have a Emperor Palace. The same change takes in map editor after swap colors from Emperor to another with Palace, when Emperor receives other palace in place of Emperor Palace. I know this is like verbiage or something else but I asked about it a few times. I'll upload the mis&map files. Maybe someone can help me with this. Thanks in advance. http://przeklej.org/file/ihrgoP/.H4V1.MIS http://przeklej.org/file/yg9ZMw/H4V1.MAP
  3. Hi again, I'm sorry that only now I'm writing but I had no time earlier. So, I don't how, but this is strange for me. To fix up my problem with "[...]out of memory" error I removed over 70% of spice and some turrent&walls from the map. (after that I copied map files to other missions with swap colors for subhouses of course) And what is strangest - when I start the Atreides, all is fine, but when I start other scenario (Ordos or other) I getting the "out of memory" error for main houses (Harkonnen, Ordos) and when I start the subhouse I getting the "[...]My version of.. read buildings (Side 1) ..." for variety. Or other Sides for others houses of course. How? Why? I don't know. I still doing the same as before and there weren't such circuses. @Sylar Map files can be create by Map Editor. You can make a new map or edit a map from campaign. After you done the map, you have to name it as: "A1V1" for Atreides Mission 1 version 1 or "A1V2" for version 2 etc. For mis. file you have to start Mission editor and do the same as you have to do with map. file.
  4. For now, I still have a problem with Map (out of range..) - I'll upload files and here is my request, to see what and how. Next, I have a one new problem - looped messages - when the opponent is destroyed, appropriate message loops. How we know, this is a very annoying thing. About Emperor's Palace problem - "2. While swaping colors in graphics editor, Emperor's Palace changes to Harkonnen Palace (or other according by color), so when I play as Emperor I haven't Emperor's Palace (only other) and I can't recruiting Sardakuars." http://speedy.sh/AQsQh/A3V1.MIS http://speedy.sh/KyJyW/A3V1.MAP About map - maybe I have too much spice on the map - I don't know.
  5. I see this is a very hard problem ;/. Ok so, is still one unexplained problem about Emperor's Palace.
  6. I'll check it up, but about fremens from sietch - I supposed that it will works, but if I will make changes then when I'll play as Atreides I could make them too (also other AI when it control this side, whats more Fremen's AI couldn't make them if I don't make the same changes - same like in Luminars Campaign - to remind; every Fremen's AI could make them, even when was a brown side e.g. - player was an Atreides phisically)
  7. Hi, I'm almost done my second scenario (after done I'll upload it for other users), so I have 4 questions: 1. I created two scenario (in total 12 copies to play each side), 1. scenario work excellent but when I click start in briefing in my 2. scenario I have an error: Trying to access side out of range (117) [ gGameTicks = 0 ] and I don't know what is bad (maybe too much set reinforcements or too much thing on the map, I don't know) 2. While swaping colors in graphics editor, Emperor's Palace changes to Harkonnen Palace (or other according by color), so when I play as Emperor I haven't Emperor's Palace (only other) and I can't recruiting Sardakuars. 3. It's possible to change (if yes, what are the files) sounds of Mentat (and music in the background automatically) when I play as Emperor or Fremen? I don't know why when I play as Fremen (phisically as Atreides you know) or Emperor (phisically as Harkonenn) I have a music and Mentat's voice from Ordos (hm, units sound too -.-) - it's less climatically for me 4. It's possible to make Fremens from Sietch (but not how is in Luminars Campaign - there this work, that I recruit Fremen from Barracks) Thanks in advance for answers and/or links to answers.
  8. I have been read a topic of [RELEASE] Dune 2000 Mission Editor and because I'm new and green with editor I have some questions, I hope that isn't a problem, so let’s start: When I created a unit on the map or some buildings my computer ally does nothing, does not move, does not making a units (I set some cash for it) – I don’t have idea what I can do to work it. Same problem with reinforcement – I know 0- guard mode, 1-attack, 2-move? But when I set this does not work (units don’t move). I would like to moved or attacked. Timer, Interval – as it counts at the time and what’s the relationship? ,Dummy Condition, Set Condition, Unknow – what it is? I can set a reinforcement or starport delivery for x time? (starport’s coordinate(X,Y) are middle of starport?) What is the difference between outpost and modified outpost? And some extra questions: If possible, when I can write a objectives (like a missions of campaign) and set it (with chose object or unit to destroy/take over) in mission editor. If possible I can make a every message in the game? (information in missions) I must have a update 1.06 to work it good? Thanks for answers.
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