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  1. According to elpollonox, mino's do not have a longer range, just that its autofire reacts as soon as it is in range. Thus if you tell the kobra to fire upon the approaching mino they have the same range. That's how I interpreted his statement. Like I said I don't have the game here, but if this is not some modded rules.ini that I have here, these are comparison numbers: Mino,Kobra cost 13k,12k buildtime same size 2,3 :are these tiles? does it mean you can bunch minos closer, or fit more inf between them? speed=3,5 (I think) What does "mech speed=2" mean? turnrate 0.15,0.175 health 2500,3000 w
  2. Harkdawg:"Also if hes smart, he will have defence troops near duplicators like a circle of scouts and fremen snipers to kill all feds by makeing it look like theres no defence and BOOM youre feds are dead (man thats sweet ive done it a million times) and duplicated mongoose/missile tanks /whatever anti air too, so then you need to make a good stradegic moves depending what house/subhouses you got and use them to counter the dupes." Question: If I run toward the dupe with a warrior, followed by a small group of warriors, is it not so that most of your circle of warriors will uncloak, and fire
  3. Haven't played online (I'd like to), but it seems like a usual opinion that equally large ordos forces lose against atreides, so I just want to know more about that; Gunwounds: "And kobras are always screwed because in late game vs mass minos they get killed due to the minos extended range and full salvo expending." Mr Apollinax: "Minos do not have extended range, as such. The problem of this misconception comes due to an emperor bug involving the guard range. The kobra will not fire automatically at units at the very outside of its guard range, much like turrets often don't. You can tell the
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