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    unit properties

    I made a STEALTH SONIC TANK patch but its disable STEALTH RAIDER http://www.mediafire.com/?myuj9533lj2pa4j have fan and try it :D
  2. Iheb96

    New music

    I have changed some of ingame sounds with adobe soundbooth CS5 & mvi's sound effect tool .Hope thats it could give a new fell of the game (they are just the orginals files with some changes only KILLGUY3 & EXPLLG3 was impossible to change because thats making them more then 64ko who crash the game.Sorry for my fault I am not english xD) http://www.mediafire...t63kcg1pn9ifih8 EDIT:I forgot to tell you thats you have to place replace the orginal one by this file in dune2000folderDataGAMESFX
  3. good work for the sub-houses :)
  4. I have a problem with Dune 2k Lan patch.I have a no-cd dune2000 and I have windows 7 and when I host a Lan game with Hamachi*, the game crash when the game search the players and that show win7 message that say: Dune2000.exe don’t respond.I had try grunt mod Lan but that don’t work. I can’t event see anyone in Lan so I think there is a problem with grunt mod in Lan.I had fix my firewall , disabled visuals themes and even change game option like 8 bit and 16 bit.May anyone help me please? , because I want to play to my old best game. EDIT:I fixed the problem and thanks to everybody anyway I love this forum
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