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  1. This is about the AI my-base-is-my castle presets. I thought about this a while and came up with an idea. Why not give the AI modules to play with. A module could look like the following RRRT RRR= T=== R being the refinery, T are turrets depending on techlevel and = are walls Now this would be a module for the AI to place in the south-eastern part of it's base, close to the sand or the enemy. So the AI would have a preset build order and maybe an emergency queue (e.g. Power low or constant attacks in the northern section forces it to construct defenses there) to (re-)construct it's base but would use little modules like that instead of a huge premade plan. What you could do is implement some routine to construct concretes as pavements beforehand in the size of the module to be build, e.g. CC: CC: :::::: : : : ... and then the AI places the module in the empty "slot". That way bases could look like prebuilds in Dune 2. Also looks of these modules could vary from being placed in direction of an enemy or close to the sand/rock border, e.g. more turrets/walls and whether it's placed inside the base where additional defenses aren't needed, but doesn't mean there can't be a 4x4 rocket turret cluster inside a base. It wouldn't be too hard to create some shapes this way which would make a base look good while being tough to crack. I know it's probably not the easiest thing to do and is a lot more complicated than predefined bases but it's a dynamic attempt to take care of the different rock shapes. It's nice to see how far this game has come already. I have some little addition to it as well: - repair button (or icon) on vehicles: lets them return either alone or by carryall to the next repair facility (just like you moved a vehicle to a walled rep. facility in Dune 2) - repair facility: return to location mode button which lets, while activated, vehicles return to their original location, either by carryall or on their own And there's something I don't agree with: I read something about infantry being almost immune to tank shells. Why not implementing a hit% for each weapon or unit. Meaning, tanks still kill infantry pretty fast if they hit, but they tend to miss most of the time which is more realistic IMO. Minor things I found to be missing/inaccurate: - Alternate weaponry for Trooper/Troopers missing - Troopers/Infantry don't split into Trooper/Soldier - Hit sound for Trooper rocket is missing (yes there is a hit-sound in the original game. I usually can't hear it if the fire sound or a lot of sounds are played, then a midi tone is played instead, think they used the tank gun sound effect). To prevent too much noise the amount of explosion sound effects could be limited - The POV square on the black minimap is missing - Focus map on cursor when the right mousebutton is pressed - Own buildings are not visible when radar is offline Don't know if they had been addressed yet, they're not high priority of course. Keep up the good work, cheers :)
  2. just found out another bug: start building anything, hide the menu by pressing tab and then while the const. yard is still selected right-click where the build picture is supposed to be. it still pauses/stops the construction orders oh and i have a suggestion for the atreides fremen and sardaukar trooper(s): i recently played through dune 2 on the genesis with the atreides and noticed that the fremen troopers had twice the HP but same firepower, on the other hand you may have only one palace instead of 9+. so it would be cool to change the hitpoints respectively. the same goes for the sardaukar troopers, after all they should be the most fearsome soldiers on dune! :) so my suggestions for future plans are 2xHP for fremen trooper(s) and 1.5xHP for sardaukar trooper(s) (or any other infantry unit) well i'm still missing something: the good old move, attack, guard, retreat buttons. i also got something in mind about that, so why not let these buttons popup over a selected unit or unitgroup, like 4 small icons to click (naturally the hotkeys have to be changed/added as well) by the way i'm still missing the original infantry and troopers another idea is to make them more efficient by increasing the health and firepower to 4x of one single soldier, as by now, the soldier management turns out to be cnc-like and i liked the way it was in dune 2 a lot more to be honest :) quite nice so far, i'm impressed. thats the best attempt so far to recreate the good old dune <3
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