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  1. Conspiracy? hehehehehehe no im a good boy lol. what is a conspiracy anyway? LOL
  2. Just designation numbers... Dream Voyager is the only machine ship with a name i think...
  3. Didnt agamemnon say that Tlaloc was named after an acient god of rain?
  4. yeah its the battle at the bridge of hrethgir if i remember rightly... and there has to be a harkonnen in this book and he must be named aburlurd too it says so in the back of Frank Herberts dune... "Siridar-Baron Vladimir Harkonnen is the direct male descendent of the banished Bashar Aburlurd Harkonnen banished for cowardice during the battle of corrin"... or something along those lines...
  5. cheers all thanks for making me welcome hehehehehe my friend was on here ages ago and has since left. he said if you like dune go here. its been such along time ago that he forgot his own sign in... hes an idiot... lol
  6. a friend on this site recommended it to me.. i have been a dune fan ever since i first picked up the book nearly six years ago... the thing i love about dune is the multi layering of the story... there are always meanings within meanings in my opinion... i have read all the books and found that The God Emperor of Dune is my fave because i just like Leto II and the way he plays with words...
  7. hi all im new around here i thought id just say hello and all. i hope i aint done owt wrong by doin something like this... if i have im sorry... anyway hello all once again
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