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  1. Others think it may have had SafeDisc... which sounds about right. But either way - ImgBurn choked on reading the disc with (I believe) a CRC error or some other read error... so it just wouldn't create an ISO. MagicDisc's option to "Make CD/DVD Image" did the trick though. Pleasantly surprising since it's such a lightweight tiny little virtual drive emulator.
  2. Thanks all... yeah, I was looking for a recommended app only since ImgBurn wasn't able to handle the discs. I'm sure there are many out there - I had downloaded BlindWrite after reading some other forums... but lo' and behold - I tried the "Make CD/DVD Image" option built into my current virtual drive emulator (MagicDisc) and that seemed to handle it - but it took HOURS. I recall having tried that before but had killed it assuming that the reason it was running for so long (at least 10 minutes) with the progress stuck at 0% was that it was likewise choking on the copy protection as well. Anyho
  3. Why would you even need a special "app"... just ask the users on the forum who are interested to create a special account on some agreed upon chat service (yahoo, icq, whatever) and everyone committ to only signing on to that account when they want to or are playing Emp? Make it the topmost sticky thread here in the forums, and ask people to check back on a weekly basis to post dates and times when they think they might be available to play ahead of time as well... I know sometimes you'll just play "whenever" you can without much notice - but if people can't make an effort to let others know "
  4. Hi there... I expect some people may view this thread with skepticism - so please read this for what it's worth and try not to dismiss it out of hand. I own the CD's... at some point way in the past I made backup images of the discs and used Daemon Tools to mount and play them. I currently use MagicDisc to mount those old images but have been considering an upgrade of my laptop and moving from WinXP to Win7 and may also want to change my virtual drive emulator as well to one that doesn't seem to support the older img/ccd/sub files created by CloneCD (I "think" that what I used to create the ba
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