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  1. One thing I love watching is my dreadnoughts wading into a mass of assault marines and watching as they hit it with their swords to no avail. It's great how only certain weapons can do damage to certain units.:)
  2. Gamespot or Fileplanet. I love this demo.:D Even though you can only play marines in skirmish. But the SPS mission has Orks.:) btw it's Blood Ravens, not angels. ;)
  3. www.newdoom.com is the place to go. Been around since 2000.
  4. Hey cool. I found some mroe Doom 3 fans. You should drop by our community sometime. ;)
  5. I've already done Dune. I just need some help getting the info I need so If we could get back on topic please.
  6. Thanks guys. Now that I've found out wich character I'm doing, does anyone else have something to add to what we have so far?
  7. Hey guys. I'm just back for a while under a new nickname. I've got an essay to do on a book at school and I've decided to pick TBJ. I've decided to write about how one of the main characters changes over the course of the novel. I was wondering If you guys could help me find the right character and some useful notes to go with them and the topic. Your help would be much appreciated. BTW. I'm Ninja231. ;D
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