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US History 6.1.24

About This File

Having almost 500 events (as many as all 50 PopTop maps combined!), this is the ultimate RT2 map! Over two years of FULL TIME work in the making, this is effectively a whole campaign in one map! US History pushes the map editor to the edge and beyond! (I tweaked the binary file to fix the bug where demand at ports failed to recover). For students of history (have any kids, grand-kids, nieces or nephews willing to play an "old" game if it counts as "study"?), you'll be rewarded for knowing what will happen when!


  • Presidents from Monroe to Obama
  • Territorial expansion from 1820 to the end of frontier
  • Wars both Civil and World. 19th C panics and the Great Depression
  • Progressive era regulations, property tax and income tax
  • Tech advancement options and RR material supply opportunities making a game within a game
  • There are even a couple dozen significant Canadian and Mexican events affecting their territories filling out the edges of the map
  • Extreme replay value in choosing among four starting regions (Canada, North US, South US or Mexico)

US History plays best using my modded version of the last RT2 Platinum patch 1.56 (for CD only), included in the larger, possibly newer, zip file in this map's dedicated (and long-running) US History thread in the forums. However, it should still play well in any version of RT2 TSC. You'll miss out on the advanced military industries during the Civil War (I designed a North vs South RR race), but you can live with out them.

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