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Torture Chamber, Giedi Prime

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About This File

Author » The Speaker
Tileset » Giedi Prime
Release » 2007-01-03
Players » Eight
Map Size » 256 * 256
Additional Info » Greetings stradegist. The Feyd-Rutha has proposed a challenge to six strategists, you're one of them. Please ensure that you set a postitve example for House Ordos. FALIURE IS NOT AN OPTION! NOTE: There seems to be a newly discovered problem with the dune map editor. When one creates a Giedi Prime map, they have to use the shadow maker to do a giedi Script. It then takes forever to do this script (for a large Geidi Prime map). Even though it shows that the shadow is successful (when you put it on "show me at the end" mode), you go into the game and see that there is a shadow to the buildings of the map, but, the buildings are still bright white and the ground colour is dark blue. This means it has only done it halfway. I would not expect Dune2k.com to fix this problem so as the first creator of a Giedi - Prime out of all fan - made maps, I can tell you how to fix this problem: 1. open your map editor folder. 2. Go to DataLighting 3. Scroll down and you will see a file called: geidiprimetest.lit. 4. Right click on it and select "copy". (Or press Ctrl+C on the keyboard) 5. Go to your EmperorDataMaps\"Your Geidi Prime Map folder". 6. Right click in an empty space of that folder and select "Paste". (Or press Ctrl+V on the keyboard) 7. Rename "geidiprimetest.lit" to "Test.lit." You're done!


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