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Maps based in Europe.

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  1. Goal: Lombardia is a region in the North of Italy. Connect Milano to the other cities and haul cargos to a great number of industries.
    Author's Comments: The third map about Italian regions is ready now: it represents Lombardia, the most "European" region in Italy. Milano is a metropolis of about 2 million inhabitants and it is surrounded by many factories. There are lots of railways in Lombardia. I have placed the most important cities, towns and other villages where there are important railway junctions. As in Veneto & Trentino-Alto Adige map there's no scenario in this map: you may play starting in the year you want, with the number of competitors you desire, with RT2 classic or with the new engines and the new game strategies of TSC...
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  2. Goal: Iberia, Portugal and Spain in a scenarios that tries to be as real as possible taking on account these countries' history and economy.
    Author's Comments: This map is about Iberia (Portugal and Spain), it also includes a little bit of France.
    I tried to make it as real as possible. You can only start in 1848, date of the first train in Spain. You can only build in Portugal in 1856, date of the first train in Portugal.
    The map events refer to the most important moments in the history of this countries and Europe. I tried to reproduce their impact in the economy.
    I'm testing the map and already corrected some things, but I still haven't passed 1870.
    Hope you enjoy it!
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  3. Goal: Imagine the sea level raises more than 100 meters. Here is the Danubian basin after then flood.
    Author's Comments: Single Player : Scenario
    Computer Players: 1-10
    SP Gold Win : Bronze and silver requirements + Company value of 800 millions and personal value of 150 millions before 1986
    SP Silver Win : Bronze requirement + Company value of 500 millions before 1966
    SP Bronze Win : Highest company value before 1936
    SP Loss : Not achieving bronze requirement
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  4. Goal: Das Ruhrgegiet braucht ein wirtschaftliches Streckennetz im Nahverkehr.
    Verbinden Sie Düsseldorf und Köln und Sie erhalten Bronze.
    Für Silber müssen Sie in 23 Jahren 1995 Pendler transportiert haben, und Ihre Reisegeschwindigkeit muss größer als 72 Meilen pro Stunde sein.
    Gold erhalten Sie, Ihr Streckennetz bis Dortmund reicht und Sie 4788 Pelder Transportiert haben.
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  5. Goal: In freshly unified Germany, use your railroad to gain power - become Chancellor of the Reich.
    Author's Comments: Become Chancellor of the German Reich by 1890 (Gold), 1895 (Silver) or 1900 (Bronze). In order to be elected, you need to be endorsed by a party, and that party needs to have a majority in the Reichstag (parliament) in a year that an election for chancellor takes place (1875, 1880, 1885, 1890, 1895, and 1900).
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  6. Goal: 1835 war Bayern Europas Vorreiter bei der Einführung des jungen Eisenbahnwesens. Schon 1839-40 wurde die Strecke München-Augsburg eröffnet; 1844 kam die Verbindung Augsburg-Ingolstadt.
    Author's Comments: Feel free to build a railroad-system in the south of Germany. It is an open end game with no scenario.
    Like in all my maps, industries and woods are on the right place. Surely, not all industries worked on the same times - but I mean, that is no problem for a game!
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  7. Goal: Italy's landscape is very varied. Develop the main railway lines and connect Italy to the other nations through the Alps passes.
    Author's Comments: Since "The Second Century" Expansion Pack allows new engines, new buildings and new wagons, we have updated the map of Italy in order to use all of these items. You may develop railway lines starting from 1839 and go on until you want. New events have been added, like facilities for connecting Italy to Africa or the eruption of the volcano Vesuvio. Enjoy Italy.map and don't forget to send us your remarks. (Thanks to your messages we have improved again Italy's landscape)
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  8. Goal: Meteorites hit in the mid 70s the entire world. Oceans rose, the survivors clung to their old states or founded new ones. The not devastated areas became important for mankind and further development.
    Author's Comments: A world drowned, struggling to keep up civilization. But industry still works and lucky me that i don´t have to manage any tax models with this game.
    This is my first map, based on the original middle-Europe map coming with the game.
    I tested it several times and it seems to be o.k. It´s only single player, since i don´t felt like tinkering for weeks on my first try. If the goal is too high, or something like that, feel free to alter things as you see fit.
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  9. Goal: Diese Karte solte die geschichte der GKB zum Inhalt haben!
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  10. Goal: Albanien - 1912/13 nach Jahrhunderten unabhängig vom Osmanischen Reich geworden. das Armenhaus Europas. Die Völker hier leben mit Hass und Gewalt, Korruption und Verbrechen. Helfen Sie diesen Leuten!
    Author's Comments: Feel free to build a railroad-system in Albanien. It is an open end game. Notice, that a lot of cities has old names (very different from modern names).
    Like in all my maps, industries and woods are on the right place. Surely, not all industries worked on the same times à but I mean, that is no problem for a game!
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  11. Goal: Gründen sie die schweizer Bahnen und sorgen Sie für den wirtschaftlichen.
    Aber hüten sie sich vor den konkurrenten!
    Author's Comments: Diese Railroad Tycoon 2 Karte gibt einen historischen Ãœberblick über die Geschichte der Schweizer Eisenbahnen von vor der Gründung 1843 bis zur Gründung der SBB im Jahre 1898.
    75 Events, teils historisch begründet, teils weitläufig an die Geschichte angeleht, lockern das Szenario auf.
    Die vorliegende Version 1.0 Beta wurde nur grob auf Fehler geprüft.
    Special Thanks to Carole, for the wonderful map Switzerland v 1.0.
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  12. Goal: In the 19th century, trade with the United States creates new opportunities for the City of Bremen.
    Connect Bremerhaven to the hinterland and exploit these opportunities.
    Author's Comments: The aim in this map is to build a railway from Bremen to Bremerhaven and Hannover, in the 19th century. Additionally, you have to transport a certain amount of specific loads to various places.
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  13. Goal: The development of railways in Portugal since 1856. With realistic social, political and economical events.
    Author's Comments: I added many historical, political and economical events that really took place in the Portuguese history since 1856 (the starting date for trains in this country). Typical US engines like the American, were excluded. The game extends from 1856 to the Kosovo war and from now to 2020. The winner is just the fellow that makes more money at the end of the game (I was too tired to introduce more complex conditions). If you have any suggestions about this map and its triggers, they would be welcome.
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  14. Goal: The hilly region of Andalucia in Southern Spain awaits the coming of the railways and the prosperity they will brings.
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  15. Goal: Relive the glory of the Flying Scotsman. Your chance to make a legend.
    Author's Comments: One of the maps found in the GOLD edition of the Railroad Tycoon.
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  16. Goal: The Day the World Changed. Harness the Industrial Revolution in Britain.
    Author's Comments: This is the first public release of the map. Please be patient when you take over a company at the start of the game, if you lose all your money you will get compensated! (it was the only way I could have some way to take over a company at the start).
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  17. Goal: It's 1991 and Slovenija becomes independent. Its transport system is very backward. Make Slovenija become a 'European' Country!
    Author's Comments: On the 25th of April I went to Slovenija. I haven't been there since 1983 and quite to my surprise I found out tidy and clean villages, towns and cities: it wasn't the same when Slovenija wasn't independent! Since Slovenija became independent new freeways and roads have been built, but railways are still very backward: for example the fastest train from Trieste to Lubljana (100 km) takes about 3 hours! By car: 1 hour; by bycicle, maybe 3-4 hours. In fact there are lots of stretches of railroad where the maximum speed is set to 50-60 km/h. In this scenario, starting in the year in which Slovenija became free from Jugoslavia, you find no railway when you start. You have to rebuild Slovenija railway system, so that modern fast trains can haul as many cargos as possible between Slovenija and Western Europe countries, that is Italy and Österreich.
    The map has been tested by myself using the "hard" level of difficulty.
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  18. Goal: The land of the thousand lakes welcomes new tycoons to try their luck.
    Author's Comments: You have 30 years of time to complete this scenario, starting 1946 or 1950.
    - electric engines are available from the start, but they are not very effective until mid-60's.
    - strikes only have a minor effect as most of them last only one game month.
    - ports are marked by borders, but you don't have to pay customs.
    - when you have connected to a port, you should be informed about it.
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  19. Author's Comments: The heart of Germany, made of steel and coal. All the people there did their dirty work very hard...
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  20. Goal: Kärnten eines der schönsten Bundesländer Öterreichs. Mit seinen schönen Bergen und Seen ein Paradies Für jeden Turisten.
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  21. Goal: The country's state-run railroad has been accused of bad management, bad planning and lack of foresight. It should be possible for you to do better, if you're game...
    Author's Comments: This scenario is my first attempt. Hopefully interesting to RRTII players outside Denmark too. Consider the possibility of shipping out Carlsberg Beer from Copenhagen, symbolized by the food cars shipping out of Copenhagen's cannery. The small geographic changes to the map, are intentional. Otherwise it would not be possible to link Sweden to Germany, as will be a reality in the year 2000.
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  22. Author's Comments: State of Germany (1990 Borders).
    There are no scenarios or specific aims or rewards for this map. It is just a map of Germany where industry corresponds to reality.
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  23. Goal: Veneto, Trentino-Alto Adige are two regions in the NE of Italy. Feel free to discover Italian cities, towns, rivers, and valleys!
    Author's Comments: Many RT2 fans e-mailed me last year because they wanted to play on detailed maps representing Italian regions. Italy map had a great success since it has won Slap's award as the best map for 4 weeks. After that success, Alex Cucchiaro and I created the map of my region: Friuli-Venezia-Giulia; it's time to create other regions now. Someone could think it's late, but, as other map-creators know, the making of a detailed map requires time and patience.
    The second map containing Italian regions is ready now: it represents Veneto (everybody knows Venice) and Trentino-Alto Adige (a region composed by a part in which the main language isn't Italian but German: in fact Alto Adige (Südtirol) became Italian after the Ist World War). Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige are in the North East of Italy; there's no scenario in this map: you may play starting at the year you want, with the number of competitors you desire, with RT2 classic or with the new engines and the new game strategies of TSC...
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  24. Goal: South West Scotland Hills. Low population and unpleasant landowners. A small map, and it's fairly easy to achieve the bronze and silver. Expert level recommended.
    Author's Comments: Hills, low population and unpleasant landowners. A small map, 160 x 180, and it's fairly easy to achieve the Bronze and Silver Medals. Stranraer has become the main port for Ireland, replacing Portpatrick, and its citizens and the industrial centre of Galsgow are demanding you provide a connection quickly.
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  25. Goal: The "what if" map of Poland. Make network before 1914, keep high traffic between Berlin and East Preuss before 1939, have good financial condition before 1989.
    Author's Comments: This is the 1.1 version of Poland. It should work with all versions of RRT2 if it doesn't I recommend getting the 1.05 Patch for RRT2 Original. I added some new industry and changed the dates, names, and crime settings.
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