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Kanly with Native Americans


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I'm quoting this from Jesuit Relations. Ed. Thwaites, vol.1, p.269, "Methos of warfare..." - 1610-1613:

"... Sometimes they decide their wars by single combat. Two bands, one of the so-called Montagnais, tho other Iroqyois, had met a few years ago in readiness for battle. The leaders had advanced and were already designating the position for the formation of the line of attack, when it is said that one thus addressed the other: "Let us spare the blood of our followers; nay, rather let us spare our own. Let us settle the matter with our bare hands, and he who overcomes the other shall be the victor." The proposition was accepted, and the two joined battle. The Montagnais, by means of a combination of strategy and skill with courage, so wearied the Iroqyois that he finally hurled the latter to the ground, bound him, and triumphantly carried him off upon his shoulders to his own band."

Anyone knows some more cases of "kanly"? I would be very curious to know what kind of civilisation uses such methods...

PS: Montagnais and Iroqyois are pretty northern-east on the continent. Montagnais go up to toundra while Iroqyois were about up to Montreal and Quebec (mainly, but they could go more in the north too). They were both present in Quebec (Canada) and were having wars, like for the fur trade.

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