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A Different Dune Timeline


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From my various readings of Frank's Books, I have noticed connections between the many universes he has created. I am not AT ALL saying that this timeline is true, it is just a fleeting idea I came up with. I took into consideration all of the universes Frank Created and added just slight info from them that would fit into the Timeline of Dune. I mainly got this info From the Pandora Trilogy. This is because it is so hauntingly similar to the Dne Universe, and seems to be a prehistory of the Dune Universe. Dont take this seriously and dont think I am like totally saying this is truth. It almost definitely isnt. I just think it is kinda a neat idea. Tell me what you guys think of it. Does it seem to run together kinda well? any additions or thoughts you would like to make on it?

around 2800 A.D.

In the Pudget Sound of Washington State, is destroyed in the Massicre of the Mechanical Mind.

Artificial Intelligence is finally completed to near perfection, but the development of that mind is far from stable.

around 2900 A.D.

Psychiatrist-Chaplins are ordained and transferred to stations around the solar system. Especially in the locations of the study of A.I. They will be the future breeders and "fathers" of the moral ethics and humanity that A.I. will aquire. A.I. is compared with a genius child. That it needs to develope a humanity that it's nature does not have in the beginning.

around 3000 A.D. Moonbase, the stellar space program, begins it's new phase of the study of A.I. They plan on sending clones out to colonize a near star Tau Ceti. there are sinister plans behind these plans though, and the real reason is sabotage of the ship's organic intelligence systems though, thus forcing the crew of clones to create A.I. away from the dangers of the solar system.

 SHIP is created, a fully operational A.I. that sprawls its mind throughout the networking of the entire body of the ship itself. It thus becomes a "Super Brain". It creates its own transendancy and powers. It makes it's clones worship itself as a God and creates new life on the livable planet that orbit's Tau Ceti. Because of the unbelief that humanity would have on earth, it is all but destroyed.

Thousands of years of uncharted time.

A revolt against SHIP occures and thus sparks one of he first revolts against thinking machines. Religious revolution grows and mechanics and computer sciences are stigmatized. Eventually the war goes into full fledged Jihad against the evils of thinking computers because of the tyranny of A.I.'s like SHIP. Everything that the twisted computers created, even the alien spieces on Pandora are destroyed, as well as A.I. offshoots.

The Jihad is led by a woman with the last name of Butler (I will not say its Sareena because I dont trust the prequels with this stuff.) The destruction of all thinking machines is in final sway, while translight foldspace travel is altered so that A.I. machines dont have to compute the process of foldspace dimensions. Navigators, mutated creatures who use a substance called Melange are created in the stead of evil thinking machines.

88 years and beyond the formation of the Spacing Guild, controllers of the precious Navigators.

the C.E.T., in fear of religious extremism, is formed. The religions of the people of the universe come together in common interest to find the key similarities between eachother's beliefs. They find two of the greatest commonalities of all religion and two of the greatest philosophies that would change the universe.

The Soul msut never be disfigured

You must never create a machine in the likeness of man (no machine can have a mindset of humanity. Intelligence is only saved for the holiness of God's creations).

This is where the legends and histories express to us the evolution of the new culture of the Corrino Empire and it's Landsraad. it exists for 10,000 years, with relatively few dangerous uprisings.

That is until Paul the Messiah comes and the Second Empire is created. Though paul started the push of this new empire, it is never really his to control, but his son's Leto II.

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