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bg and animals

Emperor Harkonnen

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I should have that issue (if they post the same in the different countries) I just saw a program on discovery on the same issue, rather interesting. But it didn't say that Adam and Eve was the first two people but still it was a good program.

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I think that would be kinda hard to explain. But I recall him going deep into his other memory sometimes and releave scenes am I right or is this something I've dreamed? Also you must remember he is a Kwizats Haderach a superbeing, he's something more than just a human. He is all good and all bad in one, he's his own ying and yang. By enslaving humanity not allowing them to travel around he created an urge for adventure that wasn't there before, and when he released them by his death they scattered around the universe recreating humanity, atleast that's how I see it.

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