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Dune Funnies


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Okay we all know Dune is a pretty in depth, serious book. But there are a few funny things so tell me what you thought was humerous.

1) I liked where Leto asked Thufir if mentats could ever say anything was sure.

2) Where Leto said that Duncan would look naked without a quote.

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I think that was Gurney who would have looked naked without a quote, not Duncan.

I liked in House Atreides, when they're watching the play about Agammemnon. Kin Agammemnon is killed off-stage, and he yells something like "oh, a deadly blow hath befallen me!" The bored Duke Paulus leans over to young Leto and says "I've killed many a man in battle, and I've yet to hear one yell that with his final breath". He is quickly hushed by Helena. ;)

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