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The Progressive Duel

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The Progressive Duel

The flash of the multipick began a match that would be remembered for ages to come. Two Minor Houses, following the rules of kanly, decided to end their rivalry over titanium and beryllium mining in a match of baliset playing. The greatest Traboudaurs of each family came and would fight with their wits in front of thousands. Zcrisna of House McKinney began, with Jaz of House Mendle pursuing. A wave of music poured out to the audience, and what cheering was left, turned to awe and astonishment. Both Zcrisna and Jaz had distinct styles of playing and this alternate sound flung piercing rhythm in the air. Zcrisna grew bold. She lowered her hands on the fingerboard and began playing in a high-pitched frenzy. Not to be outdone, Jaz began multihanding his music, playing both melody and harmony. Hours after starting, not one member of the crowd spoke a word, instead listened intently as if the sounds they were hearing were their last.

 Zcrisna finally found a weak spot. She wanted to hit herself for not seeing it before. Jaz was heavily intoxicated with semuta. It was so obvious that even a Grun Cow of Rossak could see it. She remembered studying semuta music on the planet Chusuk and saw the rub of it all.

"Our goal with this style of music is to give pleasure. That being said, we need to understand that there comes a certain point of no return. If you play with a hypnotizing rhythm and keep the sounds both high and low on the music scale, you will place whoever is taken by semuta into a state of "ecstasy". They will cease to function for a short time and become almost comatose. After a few minutes they will come to, but something will be different about them. They will no longer have pleasure like the one that the state of ecstasy brings."

Zcrisna stopped holding the sounds of her strings and began to pluck. The multipick hit the A and drone cord at the same time, releasing a groggy vibrated sound. She began to pluck high and low notes, playing with a two-two beat. Jaz finally saw the plans that were afoot. He began to play violently with his baliset, racing his fingers up and down the harshly plucked strings. The crowd gasped as the music intensified and changed. It was too late though, and Jaz's eyes began to glaze over. With three more soft plucks, he fell back in his chair. no words were spoken from him, His only expression was his soft face that was floating in another realm. Zcrina didn

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Excellent! I like your idea of House-to-House disputes being settles through non-military means. It also shows some neat insight into the Semuta drug. I like how Zcrisna could have stopped playing, but didn't for Jaz's sake.

What do you think would have happened if she stopped abruptly? Would Jaz have been trapped in a coma? WOuld he have been killed?

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