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The Era of Reckoning

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My first new fanfic thread for a loooong time. It's good to be back. :)

****Note: This thread may be inappropriate for young children do to large-scale violence and possibly suggestive themes. Besides, most of it'll go right over their heads anyways. :P****

The Era of Reckoning

It has been 200 years since mankind first devoloped hyerspace engines and traveled amongst the stars. Man has split into two seperate groups: Those who believe expansionism is key, and those who detest it.

The Galactic Imperium is the larger of the two, and has grown so by leaving Earth and, well, expanding. Their headquarters are on Alpha Centauri 10, a small, earth-like planet.

-The leader of the galactic Imperium is Grand Regent Alea (ah-lay-uh) Grazen. She is only 23 years old, and, some believe, of questionable mental health. The royal doctors state otherwise, but several independant psychologists have diagnosed her with extreme paranoia, and possibly the early stages of schizophrenia. To prove this point, take this example: Since she came to power, the size of the Imperial Royal Guard has grown from only 200 to over 2,000. She is also engaged to commandant Johnathan Brakha.

-Commandant Johnathan Brakha is the one of the highest ranking military officers in the Imperium. He has put in 13 years of dedicated service, joining when he was only 16. He is a very respected member of the Imperial Military and is engaged to Grand Regent Alea Grazen.

-The Imperium military is divided into four (4) squadrons:

Alpha Squadron (Recon forces)

Beta Squadron (Main assault force one)

Nova Squadron (Tactical Ops/Elite Guard)

Delta Squadron (Main assault force two)

The second, samller group is the Republic of Sol. They use Earth as their base of operations and have colonies only on other planets in the Sol System and immediate vicinity. Though their military is not as large, it uses stealth and hit-and-run tactics brilliantly.

-Though the Republic is a democracy as opposed to a monarchy, the current head of state is Fredrick Almeada. He serves primarily as a figurehead and to veto congressional bills.

The Republic Military consists of four branches:


Space Fleet (Navy)


Tactical Operations Corps

Now for the fun part, the rules and such:

1. You may select one (1) character, and/or one (1) military branch, though if I can't get enough people, I'll let you take more.

2. I am Alea Grazen, since she IS the most important character.

3. I don't have a military branch as of yet.

4. The battle's are written Age of Chaos style, though hopefully without me and Ex bickering. ;)

5. No planet-destroying superweapons.

6. No super-alliances; If you are Republic; you're allied ONLY with other Republic people, and vice-versa.

7. You may add other, smaller alien groups if you don't want to be Republic or Imperium, but no more than three other groups total.

8. No rediculous numbers, like "I have 567,789,012 ships here."

9. No killing other people's main charachter's without permission.

10. Have fun!

OK, let's begin!

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Leto Ghartha

Fights For:The Republic





Height:5' ''11

Weight:150 lbs.

Other Features:His hair is in a buzz cut,his eyes have the starburst effect,he has a short brown beard.


Leto slaughtered(spelling?) the Imperial Troopers with his M-16,bullets grinding into their flesh.


He screamed through clenched teeth,his face a grimace.

He shot aimlessly,mowing down dozens upon dozens of Imperial Troopers until his clip ran out.

Since he had no more ammo,he obtained a las-gun from an Imperial pig and started cutting into hordes of infantry and tanks.Before long,his las-gun battery ran out,and he had to switch again.

This time his choice was a micro uzi.

He crouched,this time aiming carefully to blow the Imperial's head's off.

It gave him little satisfaction,though,to see them stumble around aimlessly before collapsing to the ground.

Suddenly,a flurry of bullets hit Leto's right shoulder...............

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Alea looked up at the advisor.

"You mean to tell me that you could not keep him safe for one hour?" she said in her thick German accent.

"Well, we had a full guard, but while we, erm..."

"My brother is missing! I want him returned, not your stupid excuses! Go!"

Alea looked back down at the papers she was filling out. The day had not been going well. First, riots had Broken out on Carthag 3, and Imperial troops had to be called in. Now, Alea's younger brother, the heir to the throne, had gone missing while on a school field trip. Imperum Command Carriers were already moving out in searcvh of any ships that could have taken him, and soldiers were scouring the planet. Alea had little hope of finding him alive, but these kidnappers would pay...

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