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Lynch Actor To Cameo In COD Miniseries?


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Ok Baron I'm getting tired of this. If you are just going to post news stories about your site and not participate in any discussions please stop posting completely. The forums are here *for discussion*. You're welcome to promote your site in your signature while you participate in other threads but so far you have almost 150 posts and the large majority of them are just you promoting news on your website.

This is nothing personal its just that it seems you take advantage of the boards and rarely participate in other threads. I'm sure there must be at least a few that interest you?

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It's just Dune news.

We do like Dune here, right?  ;)

Anyway, I promise that I have been holding back from posting Landsraad updates (we have an awful lot of them). I have lately been trying to keep it as only 'major' news, and since my news is usually reposted later on your very own news page (granted much of the news is posted first on not only ImDB but AICN, I wouldn't mind a little 'thank you' or 'great tip, Baron' once in a while.

Anyway, this is your site, and I will attempt to abide by your wishes. Once again, you have a wonderful site, and I do not intend to detract from that. We even have this site linked on our Scattering page. I am a big fan of Fedaykin 2k.

Regarding posting/replying on threads:

I am not the biggest video gamer, so most threads are outside of my realm.

Anyway, thanks for your patience, and you're welcome on the COD news.


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I believe you've been mentioned by Mahdi before, about the Duncan news I think it was, but just because you find something first doesn't mean that everyone who finds out about that news found out through you.

People go to your site to see your news, they don't come here to read updates on your site at least I hope they don't. :) We aren't an advertisement for other sites but if you are going to be releasing something special or holding a special event we are more then willing to promote it, just send one of the news updaters an email.

And yes we do focus on video games but we also have a board that deals with the dune universe and another on general topics for people who are more into the novels then games.

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