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Good Choices?

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Well, I need an overhaul. my computer is not what it used to be. I am not going to just buy a new computer, just get some stuff to vastly improve on it. I like my case, speakers, dvd rom and cd burner. I am just wondering if my selection is any good. Sorry for it being so basic. None of the brand names and all, but I lost my older list and just had to write it all over again and got lazy.lol

Motherboard: EPoX 8K3A+

CPU: Athlon XP 1700

Memory: Two PC 2100 DDR sticks, each 256 MB

3/D Card: Geforce 3 TI 4200 128 MB

Sound Card: Soundblaster Audigy

Harddrive: 40 GB of space with a speed of 7200 rpms

Basically I like this selection of stuff because it isnt too expensive. I am not looking for the top of the line, like things that just came out a few months ago.lol The motherboard is very overclockable as well as the chip itself if you know how to do it right. The RAID on the motherboard too would speed up the already fast harddrive as well. Can any of ya guys help me with this? Nyar or number 6?

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I'd say you have a nice system. That being said you could upgrade your processor to a XP 2600 (266 Mhz FSB) for about $230 ( www.pricewatch.com ). I think your video card is quite good, but a geforce4 TI4600 with 128MB RAM would be about $190 and give you quite a performance boost. I would also suggest getting (2) 60 Gig 7200 RPM IDE hard drives for your RAID disk controller for $70 each ($140). Other than that I would say your system has all it needs for modern gaming.

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thanks man. :) Yeah I am trying to find the cheapest system upgrades I can but with the best performance.

this is my system now.

AMD Duron 750 megahertz

256 MB of Mushkin ram

Geforce 2 MX (overclocked to the speed of a quattro)

6 gigs of harddrive space from three harddrives! sick! lol

KT 133-A motherboard (which is not super overclockable, and has problems with setting changes)

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and for processor id go with a 2100 ($89, what i have) or a 2400 ($125) they are the most economical considering the ones right above them. also from pricewatch.com

i forget what chipset the k3a is, but if you could, id go for the 8rda /8rda+ the first is $88 and the plus is $122 they have nforce2 chipsets. ive never used one of those boards, but thats what i ordered for the computer im building for my friend. also the giga-byte ga-7vax is a good board, its what i have, its stable, 6-channel sound, onboard LAN, usb 2.0, and 8x agp

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