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International Super Cup

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for more info,look into the other thread started by me,to join this tourney,start a team or take over either BN,Liverpool or DFC then IM me 2 numbers from 1-15


DWF[Nyar] VS SAFFC 0-0,4-3

Ipswich VS Celtic 2-4,0-3

Iwuanyanwu vs AS Roma 0-3,1-2

Wisla Krakow VS Lazio 3-3 ::),1-1[P.S.O=1-0]

Arsenal vs BEC Tero Sasana 5-1,3-0

Lokomotiv Moscow vs Hadjuk Split 4-3,2-1

DFC vs San Jose Earthquakes 0-6,2-2

Bayern Munich vs SA Springboks 4-1,2-3

Real Madrid vs Deportivo 1-0,0-1 [Real Madrid wins on away goals]

Man U vs scunthorpe 1-1,5-4 :O The battle of the scuns....ahem.....scums....

Liverpool vs Rangers 1-1,[Liverpool walksover after Rangers get 5 pple sent off]

Aston Villa vs Sevilla 0-1,0-1

Woodlands vs Kedah 3-1,0-2[PSO=3-1]

Juventus vs Borussia Dortmund 3-0,[borussia Dortmund resigns from competition]

AC Milan vs Schalke 2-2,1-1[PSO=15-14]

Barcelona vs Penang 7-0,5-1

Round of 16 matchups:

DWF vs Celtic :O!!!

AS Roma vs Wisla Krakow

Arsenal vs Lokomotiv Moscow!!!

San Jose vs Bayern Munich

Man U vs Real Madrid!!!

Liverpool vs Sevilla

Woodlands vs Juventus

AC Milan vs Barcelona!!!

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Round of 16 results

DWF vs Celtic 4-2,3-4,DWF wins 7-6 only :P

AS Roma vs Wisla Krakow 3-2,3-1

Arsenal vs Lokomotiv Moscow 0-2,3-0

San Jose vs Bayern Munich 2-0,0-2[PSO 9-10]

Man U vs Real Madrid 0-1,4-0,WTF Man U qualifies *Vomits blood and passes out*

Liverpool vs Sevilla 3-0,1-0

Woodlands vs Juventus 1-1,1-0

AC Milan vs Barcelona 0-3,0-3



Arsenal-Bayern Munich

Man U-Woodlands

Barca-Liverpool[remember no 2 english teams must come head to head in non-finals]

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QTR Final results:

DWF-AS Roma 0-0[Awaiting PSO]

Arsenal-Bayern Munich 0-2,4-3[4-5, :'(]

Man U-Woodlands 2-1,2-0[ >:(]

Barca-Liverpool 0-2,2-1


DWF/AS Roma-Man U :O

Bayern Munich-Liverpool 3-0,1-1

DWF/AS Roma/Man U-Bayern Munich


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