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Fifteen Saints of the Satellites

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The rise of genetic alteration within the noble family Zenzovar grew to light new Godlike beings within this powerful family. these brothers had the ability see into the future. these fifteen brothers of the family Zanzovar spread their power over the fifteen points of the heavens. These are the satellites and the saints. Prophets of Space:

Shu, saint of Hades, master of the underworld. Shaaz, saint of Earth, master of the sea, land and sky. Shaabezer, Saint of Ceres, master of a planetoid that rides the Great Belt. Shaavala, saint of Juno, master of the deformed brother planetoid. Shaazuzi, Saint of Mars, master of the Red Star. Shamazi, saint of Venus, master of the storm planet. Shamarem, Saint of Io, master of the lucifarian moon. Shamshem, saint of Europa, master of ice. Shanomen, Saint of Ganymede, master of the craters. Shuber, saint of Callisto, master of the rock. Shubaz, Saint of Titan, Master of the red sky. Shumir, Saint of Hyperion, master of the little moon. Sharron, Saint of Pandora, master of the shepherd stars. Sharmier, Saint of The Ring, Master of the crystal circles. And the greatest of the brothers, An, saint of the Void, Master of known space.

These brothers formed a syndicate from their brooding strife and discord. Because of their greed, they wished to control the known satellites of the heavens. The peasants of the colonies of these sainthood fiefs were the fodder that fueled these family wars. One man stood up out of the family feud. A distant cousin of An. his name was Anlil. in the year 428, after the founder of Zanzovar, Anlil weaved a genius uprising. Now the fifteen brothers of the satellites, in an unstable truce, are prepared to wipe their distant relative off the face of the heavens, with those that follow him. To protect their birthright, they will subjugate the people of their fiefdoms in order to build a vast army. One so large, that it would weight down the sun a million times over. Anlil has a secret weapon though. One that will turn the tide of this brotherhood syndicate. Will Anlil win?

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Shu and Shaaz stared across the purple haze of evening. The Pillars, which reached to the highest atmosphere, but were limited to only the barrier of the atmosphere by Shaaz's brother An. His domain could not be infringed upon, which was space. Shaaz loved to spite his brother. He made the peasents of his satellite live in these beastly structures. Of course he wouldnt allow renovations to the living quarters and life support systems, they didnt deserve it anyway. Many died, but it was worth all of the treasures of the universe just to have the power to decide the fate of a million lives. He wished he could have that same power with his brother An.

Shu, who was close to his brother Shaaz, gave a smile to him.

"With all the horrors of the universe, You may be the only man I can depend on brother. Such wars these are, that we and our enemy can see the future before it happens. Such conflict it is to tell the right path towards our true destiny. With us strongly united though, we might have the ability to use this quivering alliance. Anlil just may be the gift from the universe that we need. With An paying so much attention to the rebellion at hand, I suggest we find a way to exploit his lack of focus towards our futures and the future of his destiny."

"Exactly what I was thinking brother. Shaaz said. We may even be able to include Anlil within this conspiracy. We then could betray him, thereby as the ancients said, 'kill two birds with one stone'. These times are dangerous though. I sense many double agents and eye guards within our vicinity. Just because An is focusing only on the rebels, doesnt mean that we are not being watched like the peasent scum."

Shu walked over towards the balcany of the beautiful villa and looked down towards the tigeris river. Thoughts rushed through his head. Thoughts of seeing the completion of this coup.

"Yes Shaaz, if we can do this, there would be no stopping us."

Shaaz walked up by his brother and looked at him somberly.

"It will be difficult though, It rests in none of our hands. We must though join hands and collectively view into the coming times. The future must be seen more clearly."

Both brothers looked at the beautiful scenery around them for a few moments longer. They then went back into the villa, setting up the machinery to connect minds. Hoping to see something in the future paths that they didnt before.

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Anlil entered the Crystal city and was transported directly to the Glass Room. His brother An was waiting there. Crystal spires stabbed the false sky around the endless vista of synthetic clarity. It was a mad house really, so great and so biblical in proportions, it was made directly from one of the cities propheside in an ancient Tome called The Great Book. It was a giant geometical shape that was in perfect dimension, 1800 meters cubed. The river of life moved along the boulivard. Looking ahead, past the whirling wheels and Pike Birds, Anlil could see the ziggurat. Atop of this temple was his brother, An.

A pig that took in beauty that was completely undeserved.

After a few minutes of walking, Anlil walked toward the river by the walk way. He took a sip of the delicious water. It was like a sunburst in his mouth. An may have been an animal, but he sure knew how to act in accordance to a god. After sitting under a tree for shade, he then began to walk again. Fear passed through him as one of An's Velusian Guards came to escort him. Within minutes he would begin The Hearing of Arbitration. "This decides my future." An said under his breath. The Velusian Guard gave him a blank stare, signaling him to walk with a faster pace.

This was the Test of Heaven. He would soon see if he was damned with his people to a horrible hell.

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Sharmier looked over the various reports of the devistation that was needed to repair. It was only a year after the War of the Rings. Shubaz, Shumir, and Sharron in their greed wanted to claim the rights to his rings. Such profit would not be allowed to be taken. fiftytwo stations were obliterated as well as a million surfs. Though the murder of one of the fifteen brothers was an act of blasphemy and was untolerable, it was possible to kill relatives... Their precious wives were all killed. Sharmier personally attended the tortures. For further satisfaction, he ravished their beheaded bodies. He had many lovers. All below the age of 16. Every brother despised his moral dictems, but who were they to question a fellow prophet?

A knock chimed from the door.

"Come in."

It was an emissary. From the crest, he could see it was from his brother, Shaaz.

"What does my dim brother Shaaz want now? More mining contracts? Well he cant have them! He never helped me during the war. He can rot in hell for all I care."

The messanger blankly stared at the skinny snake of a man, trying to find the right way to put his words together.

"My liege -- wishes to give you a message."

The frightened messanger took out the holo-letter and played it.

'Dear brother, master of the crystal rings. I wish to form an alliance with my brothers Shubaz, Shumir, and Sharron. They were valiant men, and three that gave the name Zanzovar honor. You though, with your piracy and immoral lusts, greed and strife. You are not to come near them. I have sent a quarter of my colonial fleet to their moons for protection. I have sent this message to you obaying the Ritual of Wars. Though i do not declare military action against you, I wish you to stay away from my allies. If you dont, then a formal declaration will be sent to An. Goodbye... Dear brother.

Shaaz: Saint of Earth, Controller of Many Waters, Steward of The Native Planet, Master of The Blue Sky.'

Sharmier looked up at the messanger with a rage that could not be defined. The poor man tried to run away, but was stopped by a sleeper dart.

"My brother will pay for this. I swear of it!"

Sharmier got up and undressed himself and the emessary. The things he did to him cannot be said. Only to say that the emessary was memory scanned and reprogrammed. He would remember none of what happened to him.

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"Was the emmisary reprogrammed?"

"well, from the looks of it he was sire."

Shaaz grinned, He saw that all of this was going to happen. His brother Shamier was too dumb to scan for him in future-thought.

"ahh, its expected.' shaaz said with a sigh. 'Should have inplanted a virus into that scrawny messanger. Following the laws of brotherhood, send each of my allied brothers three of my best trained concubines. Their beds might be misused with dime-a-dozen whores.

Tell Sharmier that he will pay for what he did to the emmisary, of course you may transfer the message from a safe distance. I have always liked you, and it would be a pity if you were raped or killed. Reprogrammed humans are very unmanagable; dead ones are just a filthy mess."

"Th, th ank you sire. I only wish to serve."

the man bowed, in obvious joy that his life was not at risk this time. He left with quick haste outside of the large living quarters.

Shaaz began to fall into trance, it was the only safe place from having his threefold-mind searched. He slid the memo shard into one of the many implants on his body. He began to process his thoughts into the shard.

"My brothers: Shubaz, Shumir, and Sharron. Glorious saints of equal holdings, I wish to update you on the plans afoot.

Our alliance of saints is growing under the guise of retrabution against Sharmier. An has been caught off guard because of his cousin Anlil, and if I may be so bold as to say, this young man has been a blessing. I may collect plans to spare his life afterall, just as long as his power doesnt conflict with ours... Back to the plans at hand though. I wish to tell you dear brothers that Sharmier is falling beautifully into our trap. Soon, our colonial armies will be unified without breaking any of the codes in the Ritual of Wars. Our arrogant brother An will be pushed down With our collected armies. He will be expelled from his sainthood of space, and we will reap the benefits. I have given each of you three of my best trained concubines. all from the very exotic reaches of known space. I assure you that they are as virgin and ripe as a summer rose. I hope you find them quite satisfying. New information will be given shortly. Contact me if extremes call for it. I wish you three great fortune and luck.

Shaaz: Master of the Homeplanet, Saint of Earth. The Motherland of the Mind.'

Shaaz disabled the machine with three blinks of the eye. He looked at the jewel-studded walls and smiled. All of his plans were coming into perfect order.

"I really am a genius. Now to enter into future-thought. I must see who will win tonights gladiator events."

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For years, Shamshem looked deep through the waters of Europa. The process of cultivating and terraforming the land under the waters had been successful for the most part. Eco-Domes with large cities were scattered throughout the submarine landscape. Huge factories for water processing and miniral extraction were in full function. What most did not understand though, even his brothers, is that it was impossible to inhabit the deeper regions of the moon. Volcanic and tectonic activity held constant sway in those deep recess', so that only slivers of fertile and safe lands existed. The silky sheets of ice hid the hellish waterscape that was far below. His brothers thought that he was silly for choosing Europa for his seat of sainthood. They didnt see though that the water he controlled was a treasure far greater than any imagined. Fuel, fusion reactors, terraforming process', atmospheric generators. All needed what Shamshem had. His people lived in the treasure that everybody looked over, and with relatively sparse amounts of them, he would need more of them to live under the sphere he controlled. It would take years in completion, but the benefits were astounding.

He loved looking down on his haven. From a station that orbited above the sphere, he truly felt like the God he thought he was. The joy was inturrupted though by a writ from his Brother Shaaz. His water was far inferior. Polluted and all around unclean, he had to go through costly purification process' to use the magical source. The only man who stood in the way of Shamshem's profits was Sharmier. That filthy hog at many times outdone him in business. He would pay not only for his cheatful tactics in trade, but also for his sick fetishes.

After holding from his thoughts, Shamshem began reading the letter. and to his surprise, he realized that he could finally have what he had wanted for so long. Finally, his other brothers saw what he had seen for so long. Sharmier was primed for attack, and being the dunce that he is, he never saw this coming.

"How could I not say yes? hmmm, it would be delicious to see Sharmier torn to pieces and thrown to wild dogs, but I must also ask myself, What are the real motives in the mind of my brother Shaaz?"

Delecate thinking was needed now. Shamshem was not as dumb as his brothers had taken him for. Though this deal for alliance could potentially help him more than even imagined, such gifts came at a price.

"what does my brother want?"

he would ask this to himself all night. For days, he would find no real sleep, even with his lovely wife Fraida.

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New Jerusalem always kept it's gates open. Hundreds of whirling wheels hovered in the quiet void. The double rings of each craft spinning like a top. An would always be secure in his Cube city. Never in history had there been defenses like his. Billions of workers lived in the paradise city. Loyalty among them was strong, and their blood was of noblest stock. He couldnt say the same though for the surfs among the other planets. He couldnt even say the same for his brothers, who lately have been plotting. He did not know what the direct plan was, but knew it had to be a threat to his rulership.

Anlil was another story though. Though they were brothers, he was the only male in the family Zanzovar that remained "unkempt". At the age of God Consciousness, he was given the right to choose his position in life. He wished to travel the known universe to study the history of Earth, and how it effected mankind now. While at an astroid colony, He fell in love with a woman near Earth. She was the key to his planned rebellion. With his wife away from him forever, he lived as if he was already dead. He did not care about his life, only revenge.

An snapped out of his thoughts to see a speck move through the plaza in hurried speed. he was coming up the ziggurat. An asked for his monocular, what he saw was something he would never forget.

It was a messanger from his brother Sharmier. He held both torn ears in his hands, and carved on his forehead was the word Judgement. the stuttering man seemed mad with grief and fear. An knew though that something was afoot. For hours the man kept silent. When he finally spoke, many wished to never hear the events he told.

His brothers were on the move to not only destroy Sharmier, but the entire population under his control. They said that all living things under his rulership were defiled.

An knew he could not act in time.

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Sharmier died while asleep, which saddened Shaaz. He had hoped that the male whore would see his total demise. With more brothers behind his alliance and an emassery on his way to talk to Anlil, things were coming along perfectly. An had sent some of his finest solders who he called The Velushian Guard into orbit around saturn. Because of the overwelming hatred for Sharmier, there could be no decent retaliation made. This infuriated An very much. Shaaz though did not come away completely clean. He was summoned to The Tribunal for "breaking the Rituals of War". Of course Shaaz laid the Void-Barrier around each of the judges, which made their tretchery unseen to the prophetic eye.

"Heh, money solves all problems, doesnt it Shu?" "that it does, that it does..." Shu said with an elated smile. "We must keep good relations with Shamshem too brother. Without his aid, we will be severely weakened. His aids with fuel and genetics are vital to our war." Shaaz walked toward the fireplace and looked deep into the whitehot blaze. "Yes... that will be done with great ease. I worry though that our most vital plans though will leak. We must never underestimate An, he has his ways of figuring things out. His watch-eyes are everywhere. He is also the greatest of us in his prophesy. We must strengthen our intelligence, this will require us to somehow find a way to make an alliance with one of our weakest brothers. Though he militarily is of no value, he has something that could give us great protection."

"I never thought about that Brother, you truly are a genius, I am afraid if I didnt have your mind with me, I would blunder this conspiracy."

Shaaz laughed and sat back down with his brother. They talked of the new gladiator fights, which were to be even greater then the lavish one thrown only two weeks ago.

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