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Unable to Create 3D Device


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This error has often happen to me and my friends when we installed the game.

It said that the game cannot create 3D device and the C++ indicate a error in the game. II also tried re-installing it but it just don't work.

Check out the technical support and found that my system is up to date.

It is 3Dfx

(Packard Bell PnP A720 on 3dfx Voodoo)

..Hope you would help me something about it..and would be glad if West wood would comes up with an answer on how to solve it even if our system is up to date.

Don't wanna waste my money on the Original Game.

Hope *someone* would help..Thanks..it would certainly help me and my friends a lot.. ???


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Could you attach a dxdiag output with the tests run on the video and sound tab ?

This error message usually is received when there is a driver and directx issue.

In case of the Voodoo cards, options behind the games shortcut that might aid are -c and/or +w..

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