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Shattering Choas

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Ok this is like the "A Interesting Idea" thread. Heres the plot:

After much political debate the Kastana and Gunthick factions have delcare kanly on each other. After many years of fighting a final move is made by the Kastana. The Gunthick hold one planet left. They have orbital defense surronding the planet and much defense in their main capitol city that is the goal for the Kastana forces to over throw. This will call for hundreds and millions of men to jump in shuttles and crash land into the ground and start making their way from 12 miles outside the city, into it and take it over.

This must be done by men as space based ships will be duking it out with the orbital defense systems and if thats not enough there are numerous cannons on the ground to fire at incoming ships. The forces depart with the Kastanas total crew of invaders reaching into the billions. The surprise attack is about to begin and the fate of the war lies in your hands...


You are either part of the Gunthick defenders or part of the Kastana invaders, make your own short story and tell what the battle is like in your storie with detail and what your character has to go through.

This is a surprise attack and both forces will have a hard, long battle so make it interesting.

Remember, though the Kastana army invasion force is huge in number, they have slim air support and will take cannon fire before landing, and the city is huge so there'll be fighting every corner, and remember, they land 12 miles outside city.

So write the stories and enjoy!

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Private Alex Bisshop made his way to a small abandoned factory in quadrant Delta Seven at the edge of the city, wich had been abandoned for the most part. Kastana were launching an invasion of the cpaital, beginning with the outskirts of the city.

He ran up a stair, then came to a dark room with a few windows looking out over the outskirts.

"Private Bisshop reporting, sir." he said.

Another man walked up to him. Judging from his uniform he was a corporal.

"All right Bisshop, you arm the M-60 machine gun positioned at the window over there. Be wary, the invading dogs can be here any moment."

For a while they left. In the distance they could hear the sounds of mortars firing and machine guns firing. The soldiers in the room were becoming tense.

Finally, they could see the enemy approaching.

"Wait on my mark." the corporal said. "We're going to wait till a good number of them has entered this street, so we can take a lot of them. We've got soldiers in the building across the street as well, and they won't fire until we do."

The enemy soldiers were advancing through the streets. Nobody fired.

"Take down the soldiers with the rocket launchers first." the corporal whispered, allthough the enemy couldn't possibly have heard him.

Finally the enemy platoon was nearing the abandoned factory. Bisshops fellow soldiers were becoming even more tense.

"Look, they're coming to this factory!" said one of the soldiers.

"They're not. They're merely checking this alley- don't be so god damn nervous.

And then, one of the soldiers couldn't take it any longer. He opened fire on the enemy platoon. A barrage of bullets perforated several soldiers, and the platoon began to seek cover.

"You moron!" the corporal yelled. "Fire, all of you sons of bitches!"

At that mark, they all began firing. Barely 10 seconds after the first shot the streets were covered in blood. Bisshop counted the number of enemies he killed- 5...6...7 no wait, 8..9...the enemy But then something happened. A rocket was shot to the factory and it exploded in Bisshops room. He was tossed against the wall, and then lost conciousness.

A few minutes later he woke up. He checked his body for wounds. His skin was burned at several spots, but he was in pretty good shape considering what happened. He looked around the room, and quickly saw that the others hadn't been quite so lucky. He looked outside the window, and saw several dead bodies scattered across the street. No man was left standing- the soldiers in the other building must have killed the entire enemy platoon, and then didn't bother to check the factory building for any survivors. He walked towards the chamber door, and then he felt a great pain in his belly. It was then that he noticed that a shattered piece of a rocket had pierced his flesh, and suddenly he became very dizzy.

He stumbled towards the stairs, seeing more blurry with every single step. Then he lost balance, and fell down the stairs. His head hit the wall a couple of times as he fell, but he hardly felt anything at all. He landed on the ground floor. He tried to get up, but it was of no avail. He crawled outside, but his tiredness overcame him, and once again he lost conciousness. There, amidst the corpses of his enemies, he fell asleep and never woke up.

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