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A Eternal Quest


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My last hope at getting fanfic back together WITHOUT a war thread...

The elves and humans after many war bread years haven given up fighting and have joined sides to better help each others society. The elves had sent out many explorers to chart the globe and have little have had much success except for one. One elf came back with great news of a new land streching out as far as the eye can see.

Quickly telling the humans the elves got together and sailed to the new land mass, once they arrived they saw a spec of a few small human ships, and landing they began the quest to discover all of the land.

Rules And What Not:

- Create your own character, they can have a light weapon i.e one sword, bow/arrow/axe to hunt food/cut down trees etc as they go.

- The idea here is to go and battle the new land and its natures obsticales i.e water falls etc....

- Humans/Elves are teamed up here.

- No god modding - Making your character look like god ;D

- Remember this is a slow pace, we aint going 1000 miles per post ::)

- Good detail, since it aint war lets make it fun :)

- Give everyone a idea of your character, i.e background.

- I will tell you when to start

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Just a thought, we could mingle with each other in helpful ways, trade stuff.

John - Humam

Age - 27

Info - green eyes, brown hair, medium stature(?) hope to explore land, and stuff.

Weapon - light sword

Status - single

Family - From a large town called Tanur, worked with father as blacksmith. had several friends, some elves, even though there were mainly humans in the town. enjoy riding horse. and practiced swords with friends

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hmm. Could a map of this region be of help? Won't be able to do one up for a couple days(at least not good copy) but I did learn a lot by the Sedermia map. (if you liked it and its style)

I could put caves and rivers, etc on the map too. Stuff for an adventure.

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umm, I thought Sedermia was big, but you want 4x? it is easily possible, but take longer(unless I skip university) :D .

I will use same principles as Sedermia map.(colors etc.

I could create a map, then keep making it bigger as it gets explored...will know more by tomorrow, on facts.

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