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Emperor crashes


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I'm encountering a lot of problems with emperor.

Both with the original 1.04 version and the newest 1.09 the game crashes randomly, sometimes during the game, sometimes during the mission loading... after one week, the game started to crash even when I clicked on emperor icon, so i reinstalled the game and the results are that, after other boring crashes, i've arrived at the last Atreides mission and i can't reload the savegames 'cause emperor obviously... crashes during the loading and so i can't finish the game.

My OS is Windows XP, i've got an Athlon 1600 XP and a Ge Force 4 Ti 4400 with the asus 28.80 detonators...

If someone can help me, please do it cause I love emperor and Dune itself, but the game don't let my play!!!

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Well, I'm happy it works okay for you now. let me know when problems arise again.

I did have a quick look at your dxdiag output and I noticed that your dxdiag files have a different language setting (Italian and English). In th past I have noticed some problems when dxdiag files had different language files. I do not believe that it's the culprint of your problem, but just want to warn you that it might cause problems in the future. When I had those problems, the tests on dxdiag failed and dxdiag would lock up. Appearently, that's not happening in your case :)

Happy gaming for now and be sure to shout if the problem returns ;)

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