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Quest of House Harkonnen


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This story will be devided into chapters. If anyone of you think it's spamming (dunno what that is) let me know.

Introduction: House Harkonnen has been fighting over Dune for a long long time (I'm Singaporean so my English isn't profound though). The Emperor Worm is dead, which was killed by a group of Fremen smart enough to ride on it and wreak havoc in the Guild's Main Base. The Face-Dancers fled as Harkonnen Devastators stomp towards them. The Guild is no more, except for a group of them left behind, known as the Guild Fugitives (alternate name).

The Fremen had hidden in camps in Atreides territory. House Harkonnen must attain all the subhouses as allies, but will that be a dream, or a reality? We shall proceed to the 1st chapter...

1st Chapter will be ready tomorrow. Please be patient and wait...

(psst...the subject of every post will be the chapter)

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  Finally, House Harkonnen has finally gotten rid of the Emperor worm. That was an irritating freak and it got onto Gunseng's nerves.

  "What!?" he slammed the table.

  "Yes, Baron, but Atreides forces have teamed up with the Fremen to take Hole-in-the-Rock." the Harkonnen Mentat Yanich Kobal reported.

  "How can they get over there? Ornithopters? Advanced Carryalls? They don't have fuel to reach Hole-in-the---" Gunseng asked.

  "Baron, that is not the case however. They seemed to have built a new unit. It's called the Exploration Carryall, Sir. And their Ornithopters are upgraded with that AS WELL." Kobal answered.

  "Ok, leave Hole-in-the-Rock unguarded. We'll see how they take it down."

  Gunseng seemed confident about something. When the Atreides dropped in their Sonic Tanks, they easily took over the territory.

  "Just as I'd expected." Gunseng retorted.

  The Ordos later on took over the terrotory. The Sonic Tanks was no match for a group of EITS flying over them.

  "Incoming!" was the last thing the soldiers said. The Atreides Infantry were killed before the Saboteurs hit the ground.

  Gunseng seemed very relaxed. He sat back, and decided to send an air-strike on Hole-in-the-Rock.

  "Get 21 Gunships and take out that base. Then drop in an MCV before the Ordos retreats." he ordered.

  "You expect them to retreat, sir?" Kobal queried.

  "YES! And I want it done NOW!" was the angry retort.

  In a moment's time, Hole-in-the-Rock was reclaimed, but the Atreides didn't seem happy with this.

  "The next thing is to gain the Fremen, Sardaukars, Ixians, Tleilaxu and even the Guild of Navigators as our allies. But how?" Gunseng wondered. "We already have the Ixians as well as the Sardaukars. What more can I ask for?"

  Gunseng realised that during the attack on Hole-in-the-Rock he saw some Tleilaxu fleeing as well. Perhaps the Ordos are allied with the Tleilaxu already. This must be stopped. Gunseng's first target was the Fremen. He knew that the Ordos would test the Tleilaxu weapons on the Fremen. This gives him a great opportunity. He also knew that the Atreides would protect the Fremen. Gunseng's plan was to destroy all Atreides units helping the Fremen. They can't be allowed to get in. And then he would move his own forces in to "protect" the Fremen, killing all Tleilaxu invaders.

  "We shall complete this very soon. The Fremen will be ours."

  The real story begins...

Want to see the 2nd Chapter? It will be coming soon!

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This is a Sneak Peek of Chapter 3 will be up next Friday. It is written from the climax of the story during a wild war between the Atreides and the Harkonnen.

  "Charge!" a great cry went off. Tons and tons of Light Infantry storm the desolated city filled with legions of Atreides infantry. Snipers couldn't hit their targets properly and Flamethrowers start a ridiculous massacre.

  However not many other infantry were brave enough to take part in the battle. Majority of the deaths were caused by infantry trampling each other and unfortunately...these victims were Harkonnen who were either burned or trampled to death by their fellow comrades.

(End of sneak peek)

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