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Halo: End Game


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Note: this is not a war thread.  These are all part of my rough draft.

Kanel sat on top of hist purple thrown  overlooking the grand convenet city of Telkonak'qu Its pruple skyscrapers shown briliently in the the blue suns rays.

My kingdom, He tohught to himself smiling now trhat the pitiful humans have fallen, almost fallen he corected himself. They still had held there homeworld once that had been destroyed  he would truly be ruler,But if the humans have faught has hard as they had at there reach system the battle would be a a diffucult one , but with the help of the gods  they should fall easily. Kenel Heard Shelops blue hoove steps out side the the thrown chamber. Shelop stopeded infront of the large 40 foot golden doors that protected the chamber. He inserted his hand in the small golden identifaction box.

Kenel checked his monitere bassed on the arm of his chair.

Speices: Elite

Rank: Emperial Courier


Press [clear] to open doors

Kanel Pressed it the huge golden doors opend and Shelop strood in staring only at the highly decerated ceramic floor showing only the greatest of convent victories.

Shelop stoped 20 feet away  from Kenal.

"I worship his Devine Ruller." Shelop said kneling.

"What have you brought me?" Kanel

I hope its good news the last courier who brought me last news rests in floating in space. Kenel thought to himself smiling. Shelop however was very valubul compared to the last curier.

More later gtg

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