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Destiny Re-established


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Destiny Re-established

Jarrek Thoright stood by two villagers, both chubby with brown tunics and black eyes, talking about last night's raid.

Jarrek was of an average figure, young, with flowing orange hair and baby-blue eyes. His skinny and tall features didn't intimidate the chickens in the east villages, but his swordsmanship made up for that greatly. He was a common villager, with a brown tunic and barefoot.

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"About time you come home Jarrek. Do you not like my porridge?", Luthor asked with a smile.

"The best in the village!", Jarrek exclaimed with a laugh.

"Well eat up - we have some training to finish.", Luthor said as he scooped up some porridge and put it in the bowl. Luthor was rather the opposite of Jarrek, he was of middle-age, muscular with medium height. His green eyes struck terror in the people who knew him well, who knows him to be an assassin in his past time. In the night of his assassinations his targets would only see his green eyes coming at him, and by then were already impaled on his javelin.

Watching Jarrek gulping down his meal, he said, "You've grown to be a fine boy."

"You've grown to be a fine man!", Jarrek yelled with a loud chuckle, as he got up to go practice.

Luthor let out a loud laugh and followed Jarrek outside.

After practice, laying in bed, Jarrek asked, "Luthor, how did you find me?"

Not ready for this question, he hesitantly said, "Ok, I think you are ready to know the truth."

"It was a cold night, and I was out on a night-shaded horse, riding with the wind. I stopped to take a swim in the lake, just before I was to go home. Getting undressed, I heard a baby crying. Putting my tunic back on, I walked carefully along the tall reeds and muck and saw a nest. It seemed as thought the crying came from the nest, so I looked into it and saw a baby - you. I picked you up and looked around, hoping to see the mother somewhere around the shore. With no one in sight, I decided to keep it until a mother came to claim you. A year went by, with no one to claim you, and I decided to call you my own. Years went by, and here we...", told Luthor, trailing off as he noticed Jarrek sound asleep.

"Goodnight, my son.", said Luthor.

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The next day, the sun was bright and peaceful, and the villagers were packing for another raid to the west village. These raids have

been going on for decades, over a century-long dispute.

"I'll see you tonight Luthor!", Jarrek yelled as he rode off with the other villagers.

"I'll be here!", Luthor yelled back, disappointed that his knee gave away, preventing him from going with the others.

The raid was easy, as Jarrek and the others killed already wounded men. When this waas done, they all looked around them.

"Where are all the commoners?", Jarrek cried out.

"Help! Our village has been destroyed!", a villager yelled out.

They all ran back to find in horror their village burnt down to the ground. Their faces were full of horror and sorrow at the

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The next day, the villagers, and Jarrek, all circled around and mourned for their losses, while praying to God for relief.

Jarrek told the others about what Luthor told him and they were astonished.

"I don't expect it from you all, but who can come with me to take my rightful throne?", asked Jarrek.

"We all will, we are trained to fight, and we will fight to the death for you, Your Majesty!", a villager said, while


Murmurs of agreement spread through the villagers.

"Then it is settled, we will leave at dawn tomorrow, gather all the food and weapons you can get.", Jarrek commanded.

At dawn, they all stood at the hill over-looking the palace.

"Let's go.", Jarrek said.

They all ran down the hill yelling out war cries, willing to die for their cause. Coming to the entrance to the golden

palace, they started the massacre of assistants and guards. Clashing of swords and armor rang through the whole area, with

blood spilling by the gallon. At the end, all the villagers remained.

"To the King!", Jarrek yelled.

The yelling of the villagers ran through the palace as they ran down the white carpet - drenched red, killing the guards. They stopped before the

King, who was alone and without his guards.

"What is going on here?! Who are you filthy people?", King Farkas commanded.

Suddenly the room filled with guards, and one shouted, "Protect the King, kill them all!"

"No! Not yet. I want whoever is responsible to come forward!", commanded the King.

"It is I who is the cause of this! Your brother Jarrek!", yelled Jarrek, walking to the King.

"Impossible! My brother was killed by my order! He is no more!", exclaimed the King.

"What is this then?", said Jarrek as he showed his Royal mark on his wrist.

A look of horror ran across the face of the King, and a feeling of an unimaginable fear went through him.

"Sire! Is it true?!", a guard said.

"You ordered the murder of the rightful king and took the throne yourself!", said another guard.

"Yes it's true! But I was supposed to be the rightful king! I was the destined one to rule!", exclaimed the King.

"Then it is King Jarrek who I am to bow to!", cried out the first guard, bowing down to Jarrek.

"No! Guards! Kill the traitors! Kill them all!!", commanded King Farkas.

"We will follow the order of the King, not an imposter!", said a guard.

"It is I, your new king!", commanded the new King, King Jarrek.

"Hail the new king!", yelled out the guards.

"You will regret this brother! I will be back!", yelled out Farkas, while being carried away.

"It is time I make what destiny has given me!", exclaimed King Jarrek.

A roar of praise and applause came from the villagers as King Jarrek set upon the throne. King Jarrek smiled as he looked

at the villagers and felt a sudden feeling Luthor was smiling upon him from above.

Hope you liked it, it brought good cheer into my heart.

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