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Peace Lost Fic


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A/N: Okay writing a new original fiction, Peace Lost. For ten millenia there has been peace upon the planet, but over the millenia, the Vintar, a race of evil, have been building their forces for attack. Any military that can be fielded against them is not trained to fight real battles. Okay, this is not an RP/War Thread, this is just me, adding chapters, asking for opinions...hoping my English Teacher one day decides that she wants us to turn in an original story.

Chapter 1: Another Village Lost

He felt the cool breeze ruffle his cloak, but he didn

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Chapter 2: Escape From The Dark Forest

Irina smiled as they sat around the fire. Its warmth kept the night chill from seeping into their bones, and the light illuminated the barrier of trees around them. She could remember times like this during their childhood, having camped together despite living in separate villages.

Now though, those memories seemed so distant to her. They had made it past the stream and into the Dark Forest, for that she was thankful. However, the name Dark Forest was indeed aptly applied. None of the moonlight could punch through the thick canopy of the trees, and during the day the rays of the sun would cast only small slivers.

However, it was another reason entirely, that was why she disliked this place. It was the history behind it.

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Rated: R

Chapter 3: The Mage

 Kuragari glanced over at his old friend as they slowed to a halt. Both were breathing heavily, their breathes showing in the cool morning air. Despite the rise of the sun behind the trees, they knew they were not safe.

 The wind let loose a howl that brought with it a chill down his spine. The Vintar were going to arrive eventually, and they had yet to fully escape the Dark Forest. Only a few rays of light yet poked through the canopy of trees.

 "Are...you...alright," gasped Kuragari, breathing hard.

 Irina nodded," Castle life has pampered you. You used to run much better than that."

 It was at that moment he realized something. She wasn't anywhere near as out of breathe as he was, she had already recovered from the run. And if she wasn't, she was hiding it better than he was.

 Slowly he regained his breathe and his composure," So, what did you see that was so horrifying in that temple?"

 Irina began to speak," I saw the..."

 A loud roar ripped through the forest, the sound of something saddening and horrifying being released. The sound of a million doomed souls crying out in the pain of death seemed to permeate in the air.

 Mist flowed in to the clearing where they had stopped, slowly at first, but quickly gaining in speed and amount. Irina and Kuragari both unsheathed their swords, holding them ready as they moved back to back. Slowly a human figure appeared through the mists.

 "Who are you," called at Kuragari warily.

 "I am the one who is many, the one who is the grey. I am the one who your friend fears most, but both of you need," replied the figure, still shrouded in mist.

 "What's he talking about," whispered Kuragari to Irina softly.

 "He's a mage," she whispered back through gritted teeth," His control over magick is so powerful that we don't stand a chance if he attacks."

 Kuragari lightly cursed in a long dead tounge. Upon noticing this, the Mage smiled, even though he knew Kuragari and Irina would be unable to see it.

 "My name," said the Mage slowly and deliberately as the mists cleared," is Corwin. I am the last of the Freehold Mages."

 Kuragari's eyes widened," You are a Dark Mage?"

 Corwin's eyes narrowed," I was always more of a Grey Mage than a Dark Mage. It is most likely the reason I yet live, while they fell before the Vintar."

 Irina's face settled into a deep frown," Freehold is nearly fifty days journey from here on foot, if the Vintar have struck there as well..."

 "They must be all over the place," finished Corwin for her with a smirk," Indeed they are. I admit I used a teleportation spell to reach you both, I never would've made it past the Vintar on foot."

 "Who are you? What are you? Who do you serve? Who do you trust? What do you want," Kuragari launched question after question against the Mage before them.

 "I am a Grey Mage of the highest Councils, a being of darkness and light. I trust no one, not even myself, for every light carries a shadow. I serve my own interests, which currently coincide with your own. What I want is the true question of questions, as even I am not sure what I truly want."

 "How can you not be sure," asked Kuragari icily.

 "Because I am conflicted. You have fought the young Vintar, because they don't care to do more than delay you at worse. They hit Freehold with some of their most ancient and elite warriors. They faced Mages of my caliber and even more powerful and defeated them. So I am conflicted between my thirst for vengeance, and the needs of Humanity."

 Irina moved forward a bit, one strand of brown hair falling over her shoulder," The needs of the many outweigh the lust for vengeance."

 Corwin smiled softly," You should know, your entire village was slaughtered. But you saw it in the temple..."

 "Irina you never finished telling me what you saw in the temple," said Kuragari turning towards her, his face showing the strain of the last few days.

 Irina sat down slowly upon the ground," The future, the past, the present, fate, destiny, the path of Humanity, whatever it should be called. I know how this all ends if we fail, I had to see it all. Or most of it; the slaughter of every man, woman, and child..."

 Kuragari leaned closer to her, and gave her a half hug," I'm so sorry. Can it be changed?"

 "Changed," she weeped softly," The fate of Humanity is doom, if the Castle falls there will be no change. The Castle's fate is the crossroads upon which Humanity hinges..."

 "Then we'll warn them in time," said Kuragari soothingly.

 Corwin smiled at them from beneath his grey robes, knowing they saw his face.

 "You used a teleportation spell to get here," said Kuragari calculating.

 "You could take us to the Castle immediately," said Irina, hinting excitement in her voice.

 "I could," admitted Corwin," but is it not too late?"

 Irina paled several shades, and Kuragari just stared with shocked, unblinking eyes.

 "I of course cannot be sure," said Corwin with a bit of mirth, to lighten the heavy mood.

 Irina moved quickly and brought her sword to Corwin's throat in a fluid movement," You will take us to the Castle now, or you will know pain before your death."

  Corwin smiled without any mirth this time," I will take you both there, but you must lower the sword."

 Irina lowered the sword without wavering, and Corwin closed his eyes. He began to mutter," Teletor daramos cantaros rae, torsi dasa noko teenai!"

 The roar of indescribable horrors filled the air, and a bright flash consumed them all. When it faded the three of them stood on a sloping hill overlooking the castle.

 Tens of thousands of Human and Vintar bodies littered the ground, the fields between the hills a sea of blood. The Castle was in ruins, its mighty stones throne across the grassy and bloody fields. Smoke rose from the center of the ruins, its acrid stench reaching their nostrils, despite it being pale in comparison to the smell of death.

 "We were too late," cracked Kuragari, blinking back tears.

 Irina hung her head low, brown hair spilling forward to shield her face from view," Humanity is doomed."

 Corwin lowered the hood of his cloak slowly. He scowled deeply, knowing what he must do. Bitterly he spoke up," There may be a way to save this place..."

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