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Bene-Gesserit casts


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Within the bene-gesserit sisterhood there are many groups or casts

Warrior cast: These are the trainers and teachers of martial arts that have accumulated over the ages. They have mixed it all together with body training to form prana-bindu.  Controlling the mind and body to strengthen the self. Every bene-gesserit sister must train in prana-bindu and a certain amount of the martial arts that are involved in it. Though the higher arts are meant for the Warrior cast. Men can achieve high ranks in this cast since it has nothing to do directly with the breeding programs.

gene-pedigree cast: These are of an all woman cast that study and continue the genetic manipulation for an evolved human male. With this male they have the strength to control the universe. The records are kept secret  and were to be finalized with the bond of Lady Jessica with feyd rautha but went wrong when Jessica gave birth to paul. using her Prana-Bindu training she chose the perfect egg for Duke Leto and through the encemination Paul was born. This destroyed the line of genetic manipulation and caused the project to fall back thousands of years.

economic cast: These bene-gesserit women practice in business and finance. Men are allowed in this as well to a certain degree. This cast is to support their sisterhood and to keep the economy under control.

philospohical-religious cast: These comprise of all females  and their mission is to confuse the people that are scattered in the universe with religion that goes along with a messiah so that when they produce the evolved male bene gesserit father i.e. kwizats haderech

He can be the savior of the human race. Then all people would follow him without question. All of the bene-gesserit workings revolve around this bene-gesserit


There are many more minor casts such as the construction cast and so on but would be too long to mention. Males can only go so far because they cant go through the test to become a bene-gesserit mother. Only the kwizats haderech can go through this test.

This sect is majorily female but do use males for somewhat remedial tasks. They have lived thousands of years and can even trace their sect back to ancient Terra. Manipulating government systems. The idea of an evolved human came about thousands of years after the little diaspora when humans traveled small distances outside their solar system. The idea of a superior  genetic male then took hold and the records started.

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I got the ideas from the books. The breeding programs are dependant on the religion and cultures of the masses. if all the masses have a messianic religion they can take their created messiah to the people and they will believe in him.

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