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the wall came down


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this is just an intro to a story idea i had....

it was an, oddly enough, cold september night in jerusalem. a night like

any other night. the israelites were all sleeping, all except for the

few that walked the streets. it was a night like any other.

 but then it came. 'it' was an event that changed the world as

we know it forever. they came streaking down 1 by 1, impacting the

unsuspecting city, leaving in their wake nothing but rubble and the

smell of rancid smoke. they came, and they left nothing but death.

september 4th, 2007: after israeli government refused repeatedly to

become an integrated nation, presicion missile strikes were organized

by terrorist organizations within the country. the missiles sucessfully

eliminated most of the higher ups in israeli government, and due to

complications involving the matter, there were no countries willing to

step in. the terrorists infiltrated government, and staged horrible

actions against israelis who refused to follow their new laws. but

what the terrorists were doing, they had no idea. while terrible

injustices were taking place on the surface, underground, there were

still those left with enough power to make one last difference.

they remained dormant, for the power they held was a two sided sword...

febuary 21st, 2008: after repeated attempts to 'reformat' the people of

israel, the new leaders of the torn nation make one drastic descision:

they broadcast, on all israeli tv stations, the destruction of the

wailing wall. soon after, reinforcements, mercenaries,

flooded the streets, 'taking care' of the small resistance forces left.

the underground leaders had no other choice now. they had to unleash

their only trump card.

the samson option.

the samson option was, in atuality, nothing more than nnuclear charges

placed in intervals across the country of israel, replacing the older

missile system. when detonated,the israeli citizens had been given

previous warning, and had either fled or taken shelter.

the charges caused the equivalent of a countrywide microwave oven.

israel on a whole was destroyed, made barren by the atomic blasts.

the citizens emerged, and begain to rebuild.

december 27th, 2021: jerusalem is more or less peaceful again, and

everyone is currently celebrating chanukah. as the citizens enjoy their

holiday, they hardly notice the soldiers coming into the streets. when

the clock hit midnight, they stormed in and slaughtered entire families.

it would appear the terrorists that had taken israel before had not

been eliminated.

 this time, the horror does not go unnoticed. U.S. special forces

agents, prepared for such an event, are deployed just outside of israel,

preparing to break ground for a much larger main force.

december 28th, 2021, present day.......


more later, fooz. gtg 2 bed!

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