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Galaxy wars


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* Its a quiet day on the Kolsok Homeplanet, The Hover craft transportation verhicle's moving on the road's and air of the city's.

The Soldier's patrolling inside the city, searching for the rumour's of revolt's.

They look into the alley's and hidden spots of the city. One of them remove's their ACS Helmet. Revealing himself slowly,

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The young man rises his head up, looking into the air and looks at the Trooper's again. He rises his left arm slowly and nods.

Okay Lesser Executer's, lets go back to the barrack's.

* He mumble's something on the transmitter on his shoulder and wait's for a few minute's. A Hover Transporter comes out of from the distance and approaches the Squad, The verhicle land's down softly on the ground and a window opens up, revealing a Young girl. Her eye's peeks to Kirov and winks at him smiling.

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-----------------Secure Transmission Commencing----------------

Lt. Kirov, if you would like, protection from any invading stealth armies can assasinate any of your troops, by any of the members of the Thieves Guild.

----------------------Secure Transmission Ended-------------------

+Note: I will rpg a leader of a mercenary group with Fremen, Sarduakar, and Ixian units.

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(( Dude, put some more detail's in the post. like....

The leader send's an transmission to the mother core and waits for the response, oh well :) ))

*The Tayron's hears the transmission, they start's to laugh hilarously and clicks on the remove message button. Kirov grins at one of his comrades and slaps his left upper leg. *

" Those threat's is really amusing our powerfull kingdom. Nothing will devastate us, we will conquer our foes! "

*Lt.Kirov stand's up and raises his both arm's in the air and start's to yell loudly.*

" We are one with our Technology.. soul... body.. and weapons, we will controll the lesser being's in the outer galaxy. "

*The Tayron's say the same thing and cheer's *

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*Leader contacts Lt. Kirov throught secure transmission*

We will set up a small observation base on Kolsok.

It would be far from Mother Core, but we will be having some of our units training on Kolsok, incase any wars go on Kolsok.

*Leader shuts off secure transmission*

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