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Halo: End Game


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Shelop looked over his notes. They all looked well. No grammar mistakes or that sort of thing. The Emperor did not tolerate these mistakes. If a spelling or grammar error it would mean the couriers instant execution.

Shelop was a imperial courier rank 2 the second possible highest. He rose quickly though the ranks, his natural talent of predicting enemy actions and movements had proven him greatly valuable to the empire. He was a yellow Yokon or as the infidel humans called them "elites". He was one of the few Yokons capable of understanding there infedels language. He was however a member of the Yokon resistance movement. The infedels knew little of the Convenet. They were not a single species they did not all live on the same planet. If they were intelligent enough to examine the bodies they would know that. Glass or "Grunts" breathed a combination of methane and helium. The Yokon can not. Foolish infedels. The infedel quest to find the the Convent home world would fail,like all there other offensives. They have been crushed at every major......he corrected himself almost every battle. the humans had beat them back at a few worlds but not many. Nothing can stop the kenjia the Kenjia. Only the gods could start or stop them. The Convent is actually made up of Collections of conquered races. The Yokon,Glais,Unmas, and the Basitels. Thousands of years ago the The original Convent the Bastitels or "tools of the gods" had captured and inslaved the races. They have been genetically enginering the races since then. There have been some revolutions since then but all have been crushed by the Basitels elite forces the Chocas who were the convents elite forces So strong were they during the Glais invasion that the Gailas who had defeated numerous Yokon forces were crushed during the Chocas first atack. No major uprisings have erupted since then.

However since the infidel's defeat at there "Reach" system statement had begun to brew some settlement in the Yokon people. The humans did fall taking many manny convent with them. But that was not the Concern of the Yokon. Every one of the landing forces was a Yokon. Everyone of them, 152 million in all slaughtered when the Gailas cleansed the planet. There was a public outcry against Juili the current Emperor. Many had started a ressistence movement believing that the Juili was insane. The movement was growing in power. Slowly now but still growing.

Shelop finished checking his notes and boarded a ground transport towards the towering golden Emperial palace. Shelop had been on the Basitels many time. He never grew tired of its beauty. Its skyscrapers decerated with shimmering gold,purple and other colors. The ground transport neared its destination

     The Imperial Palace stood 20 stories above the tallest skyscrapers. its multiple gaurd towers stood overlooking the city . The palace compound was huge 3 miles long and wide. The palace itself looked like a large purple,golden Taj Mahal. The Ground car stoped at the imperial gates. A four legged Basitels Gaurd walked from a near by guard post looking like a spider out of place its black furry skin gave it a...quir look infront of a golden purple wall even with a golden uniform the scene still looked odd . He reached down with one of his 5 arms and checked the pass. Pressing a button on his coller. The gates Parted the ground car moved ahead slowly. till it reached the courtyard. Shelop strode past the imperial mirror pool not even noticing it. he loves the planet but had been in the palace to many times to notice it. His notes were vital to the empire. They contained information about a new race that had escaped the ring world of Halo. During its destruction.

     The Gaurd at the Palace doors checks Shelops pass again and alowed him to pass though the massive golden doors. The Palace Halls were feircly decerated. Marbel swirls of blue,gold,green,purple,red, and yellow covered the walls and flowers of the hallways. Giveing it a Tie Die look. Oddly shaped curved benchs lay though out the hall ways. There were hundereds of hallways and some were know to have starved by getting lost in them.

     Shelop reambered the path. Left past the corner bench,right past the chair,two hallways up,one to the left, and one to the right. till he came apon the great gates leading into the chamber. He stood infront of the door. And repeated his name three times. The Door swong open leading him to the Emperor



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