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Dune was a dark planet, with constant dangers around every corner.  But Urun'hui was a Fremen warrior, and he had been taught how to survive from an early age in such harsh barren conditions.


Movement!  Urun'hui sprang into action.  In a mere moment his rifle was in his hands, and he was covered in his stealth cloak.  Carefully, he made his way to top of a large dune.  What he saw shocked him.  It shocked him a lot......

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Below were three squads of infantry.  He did not know where they had come from, or what they were doing here, but one thing was certain, they looked like they meant business.  They were well armed with rifles and some even had rocket launchers.  All wore red plated body armour.

Swinging up his rifle, Uran'hui peered down the scope towards the men.  The insignia of a red, horned bull adorned their helmets and body armour.


They were his enemie.  He had come home from hunting one evening with the other warriors of his clan, and had found his clan murdered, with the Harkonnen flag displaying with pride who had done the deed.

'They will be avenged' thought Uran'hui, taking careful, deliberate aim.

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A flash in the rocks above alerted the scout in the first squad.

"Urrrrrr, sir, we have a prob..."  He was halfway through saying something when his head exploded, casting brain matter over an impossibly wide area.

Uran'hui corrected his aim as the remaining men took cover.  One sergeant, perhaps more impatient than cautious, stuck his head out from cover.  Uran'hui's shot took him in the throat, lifting his twitching body and laying it out flat a metre or so out of cover.  A young private tried to reach him, but took a shot in the lung, wounding him.  One more trooper died trying to save them, before the Harkonnen troopers decided that it was not worth it.

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what Uran'hui did not notice was the squad of Harkonnen elite sneaking around the back of his position.  The first he knew of them was when a heavy boot lifted him from the floor, throwing his rifle aside.

"Scum!" spat a Harkonnen trooper.

"Kill him!" snarled another, lifting his pistol.

A shot took him in the back of the head.  Blood sprayed from the shattered hulk as he toppled to the floor.  A torrent of fire ripped into the remaining troopers, leaving a mass of groaning, bleding hulks littering the floor.

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