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Tayrona Rebellion


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[ Rules ]

[No godmoding/metagaming ]

[Destruction/killing of character's and planets only allowed if the player gives you permission]

[You may choose a side in the house/empire/kingdom you wanna fight in]

-Harkonnen/Atreides/Ordos/Tayrona/Diona/Human's  are allowed!

[Give the other player the chance to reply as well and Play fair]

[The most strongest force is "Tayrona Kingdom" (For now) And the most powerfull good force is "Atreides" ]

                  The fall of the Tayron Kingdom


* The war of the Humans against the Tayrona kingdom raged for 10 years. Many casualties rained down on both sides, they settled for a truce later in the days.

Destroyers and Cruiser's are returning to the dock's for repairment's and resupplying. The wounded are brought to the Medical Bays, and the Tayrona Alpha Division returns back to the Throne planet Kolsok, waiting for the Orders of the Emperor.

Strange activities have been reported in the Mother's core center. They informed the other's that the Malfunction's in the Both part's of the Mother core just has been caused by Spy's and doesn't do any damage at all.   *

" Minor Executer report's to Greater Executer that the damage of the spy's has been limited. We have repaired it quickly and it didn't seem to Disfuse the Assimilated soldier's that has been acquired. "

* The Emperor nods slowly, his pale skin shines in the light when he grins and looks at Kirov. Moving his arm towards him twitching his finger fast, Kirov responds to the gesture a bit nervous, he approaches the emperor looking down at him and Performs the Tayrona salution *

" The higher executer of the Alpha Division and Commander of the Tayrona army is at your command Great Emperor "

* The Emperor claps his hands and smirks impishly to kirov, he twitches his finger's once again and a Sudden Psychic force pulls Kirov towards the emperor close. He whispers in his ear secretly and moves his other hand to the Other bystander's, ordering the Guards  and Soldiers away . *

" Kirov, there has been rumours about the other alien's in the new discoverd galaxy. We have meeted 3 new interesting so called "houses". I want you to establish diplomatic matters on their planet's. "

* Kirov gulps and reply's with a fast nod, he gets up and walks out of the room. The Emperor closes his eyes, a map and some letters fall down on Kirov's hand. The Emperor smiles at him for a moment and call's back the guards and the soldiers. They all line up, some of them returning back to normal position. *


* A stream of Tayrona advisor, Commanders , Ministers , Generals. Meets up with the Main core's door, some weird panic's rattles down in their spines. Some of the Tayron's doesn't respond to the fear marks of the others at all, their cold hearts doesn't accept  the Emotion fear. The door opens slowly with ear deafening squeaking, a enermous gathering of higher power's are discussing on the luxurous ruby table in the middle of the enermous room *

" Greater Alarm to all Executer's in the kingdom. We repeat......Greater Alarm to all Executer's in the kingdom.  There has been reporting's of rebellious activies in the outpost's of our kingdom.

Cause of Disfuse of the Tayrona Mother core is possible. Search disfused soldiers and assimilate them back in the name of the Mother core. They have leaked information about our spy's.

We repeat, find the Soldiers.

*Small robot's are flying around in the Enermous palace*

" We are declaring war on the House Atreides and Skarhiraga kingdom, all military forces meet their superior officers in the Docking bay. "

*Million's of Tayrona mg/troop's, Plasma tanks. Parasite MK1/2/3. Silver Stream Mecha's and more verhicle's and troops are marching over the huge platforms located outside of the Palace and Space port's, they are all chanting the Tayrona Victory song. Some of them are raising a quirk eyebrow <Anime nervous drop rolls down on their head> *

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In another place, the leader of one of those 'houses', House Harkonnen, was sit on the chair and watching projection of planet. Projection changed and on the screen appeared...face of mentat.

"Mentat, could you take your head from the screan?" - said Gunseng. -  "You aren`t transparent, you know..."

Mentat as fast as he could went stright away and Gunseng saw planet again but damaged and destroyed at all.

"This will be Kaladan, my lord baron" - mentat laugh to himself like child. - " When we finish with them, of course. And when we will..."

Gunseng shaked his head in the sign of disaprobate.

"Maybe louder, mentat, only Duke didn`t hear your...sneaky voice. The spies could be everywhere. Yesterday you found one by your own"

Mentat looked at him with strange face appereance.

"Mentat, take some spice, cos you are losing your mentat skills. Tommorow we will attack Atreides. Even Emperor don`t know about it."

"But soon he will know"

"And then, when they will be destroyed, he will be happy. If the information came to him too early, he would be forced by Landsraad to help them."

"Landsraad look at our house like on the tleilaxu one. They think you bought from Ix something that break rules od Butlherian Jihad."

"Lets them think. They don`t even know what I have for Atreides".

Second day.

The Harkonnen army is preparing to attack. The Harkonnen that backed from Kaitain on Giuld Highliner says Gunseng he saw some another spaceships but he doesn`t know which.

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*15 Days have passed and the Huge Tayrona Space Army have a Atreides outpost planet under siege.

Thousands of D-15's and Jorai Fighter's are leaving the bay's of the cruisers, they are approaching the Planet's atmosphere. Atreides defense turret's reply's swiftly to the Massive assault with rocket's. *

* Some fighter's

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* Days are passing on the fresh captured Outpost of the Atreides, on the homeplanet of Caladan. A spy runs to the palace on Caladan, rushing with swift haste into the sparkling meeting room of the Atreides and Bows in front of the Commander of the Atreides. *

" Commander Vamora Atreides , our outpost in the Damoira system has been captured by a Unknown Kingdom. They call themselves "Tayrona's"

* Commander Vamora respond's to the spy's words quite shocked and he rises up from the decorated throne and reply's to him calmly *

" How can they defeat our defenses that easily. We have the most powerfull defense and highly trained troop's in this galaxy. Anyways we must establish a communication link to the newly "discoverd" Race.

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