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A Novel Idea. (Pun intended) hehe


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I have an idea for writing a story. Granted that most people my age say they will write something but they never do.lol I am totally serious on writing this. Please dont take any ideas from this. It is just an idea and I want to know if it sounds any good.


In the middle 22nd century, the ability to travel manned trips to the distant reaches of our solar system became possible. The idea of super fast and small craft was seen as impossible. A decision of the I.S.A. (international space administration) was to make two multi-generational ships to travel to the closest stars with terraformable planets. One ship was destroyed, the Star Pioneer. A quarter million died. The other ship, Savior, still survives and is expected to reach Tau Ceti in three hundred earth standard years.

 Great wars raged through Earth from overpopulation. The Third World War killed a fourth of the people of Earth. Through this war though technology boomed, reminiscent of the technological golden age of the 20th century. Earth

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lol nope. It doesnt belong in fan fiction because I am not writing about Dune. Though people do write about non dune related articles, it is intended for Dune stuff. I am writing this here too to see what people have to say.

and no, no nasa. Long gone after the consolidation of nations before the Third World War.

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