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The Ghosts

Hidden away in the caves of Arrakis they await in disguise, faceless to the world, they see what cannot be seen. With their brethen they coincide with each other, eyes of fiery topaz, speaking without voice. Cloaked in silence they are one with the land, hearing it's cry they seek truth. The sacred order have learned what only comes with experience in these harsh lands. Materializing out of thin air they are warriors with a purpose, with destiny guiding them through trials of hardship they will never be stopped.

They are the ghosts of the land, training since the ancient times, protecting the true kin of the land, they befriend the great worms. Magnificant creatures they are, doing the bidding of their protectors. In secrecy they master the weapons of there crafts and culture.

With awesome accuracy they are the most efficient of killers! Missing not a single shot they dispatch their foes only to disappear into the fog of war after. With their friends alongside them faith never waivers they die honorbound. At all costs the land must be purged of the disease that plagues it. The infiltrators that only come for greed and power will be banished for the spice which must be protected at all costs.

People have said the blood of the land is the spice but they are infact the ghosts that walk the baren wastelands. They travel with great ease through the endless storms and harsh terrain that would stop a normal travel in his tracks after only a few miles. The sun beats down like a sledge hammer on any soul brave enough to make a trek out in the desert. Knowledge and experience has shown the ghosts passage, they wander about learning of the treachery and plots of the opposing forces.

The time of reconning has come for the ghosts who stands with them?

Too bad the passwords arnt working. =)

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