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What was your favorite part of the original Dune?


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Thought id breathe some more life into this board, anyways whats your favorite part? Or any of the books for that matter.

Mine would be when Hasimir Fenring refuses to kill Paul when he has the oppurtunity. It brought tears to my eyes thinking how Paul finally found a person in the universe he could relate to, and so could Fenring. Their breif bond was enough for Hasimir to violate an order from his Emperor and closest friend :(

My second favorite part would be when Farad'n and Tyekanik grudgingly hand over the Sardaukar to Leto II. More of a love/hate feeling with this particular scene.

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Dunes teh best book ever followed by The crystal cave by mary stewart and Dune Messiahs pilosophical aspect was incredible. Thsi si the 3rd time I've posted this to this thread, so I hope it actually works this time.

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