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Life of a goblin


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CHAPTER 1: Elf Hunting

Tywioe charged forward, his sword gleaming in his green fist. He held his blades proudly, high up in the air. He swung the gleaming slivers of metal toward the elves, and the caught in the jagged, rocky cliff. He pulls the blades out with all his might, and beheads an allie from the momentum of the sword. Tywoie pulled out his bag of enchanted meat, that all goblins carry. The meat explodes, and is useful in a group. When a goblin is killed, the meat explodes if touched. Tywioe threw two pieces of meat, one towards each cliff. A huge explosion sounded throughout the entire valley. The cliff fell down, on top of the elven army. The WarHawk tribe was lead by Tywioe for a reason. He was the smartest goblin ever. The remaining goblin forces split up, and sieged the elves fortress. The strongest of the goblins battled at the main gate, but the defense was too strong. Tywoie grabbed the closest mage and screamed into his face "YOU SEE THAT! WE'RE LOOSING! FIX THAT!" The mage prepares the ingredients for a spell and shouts toward Tywioe, barely audible over the clash of blade against blade,"Got any metal??" Tywioe tossed him a gold coin and smiled. This was probably the spell he used last time. If it worked right, The entire fortress would turn to mud. "FALL BACK!" Tywoie shouts. The goblins run back, wary of his warning. The spellcaster enchants an arrow, and the best archer loads it and firess ay the fortress. Direct Hit! There is an exploding sound as the entire stronghold crumbles to mud." CHARGE!" The goblins bruttaly slaughtered the puny elves. They then looted the entire peremises and found gold, alot of gold. But the biggest find were weapons. Armed with new weapons, the WarHawk tribe starts toward the next elf encampment......

Please post comments below, and i will be continuing the story if people comment, so if you like it, say so, if you don't, then just don't post...

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CHAPTER 2: Magical Explosions

The elves magical exploding bombs reigned fire on the WarHawk's battered captain. The elves had set up long-ranged catapaults, and were launching enchanted stones, which did many different things, the Earthquake Stones shattered on the ground, and caused a violent tremor to pass through the ground, killing anything within 100 yards of the impact site. The last bomb they launched, landed in the main army. It exploded, and the icy blast froze the majority of the WarHawk tribe. "Fall back!" The captains shouted to their fierce warriors. A commando group was sent in to kill the rest of the elven spellcasters. The goblin in charge of explosives, Pencot, layed down the Baruba leaves. Then he poured on a mixture of tree sap, and a poisonous liquid. They dropped on a torch, and ran. Ten seconds later, an explosion sounds behind him, the Baruba bomb destroying the elves supply of magical boulders, and releasing their effects at the same time. Fires start and freeze, cannons explode, elves die, it was a glorious sight. The ramaining WarHawk forces killed the defensless elves. The WarHawks prepared for the next battle, and then head for the main fortress. Terjin, the mage, teleported back to the main city to get some war machines and siege engines. This battle was going to be a tough one....

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