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Didn't wish to do this but...


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Let's See, who you think has ruined fanfic recently the most. If Ex and I agree, we know it is going to be supported by you all if we take action!

So who has ruined this section the most in your humble opinions?

(Do not post here, IM Ex or I myself with your opinions, anything put on this thread will be deleted.)

Note: This is why I tried to make Total War so structured, so it is harder to play God.

Edit: Yes Mahdi, you are indeed evil but stop taking credit for everything, sorry I had to delete your post, but you, a Staff Member, Gob's Right Paw...err..Hand just broke a request not to reply to this.

(No,But I will. you are just a hurdel to jump in my becoming gobs right hand man)-ex

<|So as no-one posts, I'll lock it, yet it'll remain sticky.|>-Nema

(Guess what, someone unlocked it, but it wasn't me.)-O45

(wasnt me)-ex

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