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Fed2k School house.


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Like Fed2k Surviver... Like fed2k Big brother. Insted of being voted out or...quite often... killed... The person is either kicked out from school for fighting... misbehaving or failing a number of there classes...

*note that like survivor, only I will post in this thread. All replys to my posts will be deleated. so any comments plese use the comment thread.*

Lets see who are students are for this year?

Grade 8th. Each few members are going to be devided into 3 different groups. The Landsraad, Regulular posters, Moderators and admins..

*Exatreides* Team:8-2

*Gobalopper* Moderators:

*Ordos 45* Ordos 45

*Duke Leto* Gobalopper

*Twin Head* Nema Fakei

*TMA-1* Exatreides.

*Mahdi* Mahdi


*GilaMobster 13* Team 8-2

*Edric 0* The landsraad

*Shaddam_Corrino* quondam72

*quondam72* Shaddam_Corrino

*Lord J* Edric O(sorry edric no more room in the mod pod.

*Acriku* Acriku

*Edric O*

Team 8-3



Lord J

Duke Leto


Twin head

Those are the pods! The bell will ring when a idea for the first day pops into my head! make a sugesting in comments if would plese.

That is if everyone gives me there permission to use their character. IM me, or post something giving your permission.

So far, I only have....

Exatreides' permission (isnt third person perspective fun?)

ordos 45.


TMA-1 Just gave me his permision via AIM

Duke Leto

Twin Head


Lord J



<|You have my permission. If you spell my name with an ei, not ie. Hehe.|>

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