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The one and [not only, I know] Shaitan Studios thread :)


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Ok, ok ok...........

I'm not gonna start any new thread :) After this one of course.

I'm gonna use it to post news about WebDune and Shaitan Studios. If you don't like ads, just don't read that thread, as I personnally considere this as "news" not "ads".....

Well, first... We've got a new desing, that was announced some time ago, now, we've got some section of our website up and running!

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felt like I needed to update that thread :)

Our databases seems to be ok... we can log on the game, and subscribe... but that's all we can do right now! still, that's a beggining! we'er started programming :)

until now, we where planning the game on paper, not, it's concrete work! :)

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Felt like I needed to practice my CSS skills, so, I just made a new, small, desing for the website. The only pics there is 12k. Ok, that's nothing much, but, when you need to practice, you need a target :)

So, arm, well, there is a new layout at www.shaitanstudios.net

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