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Question about Leto and the Smugglers


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So yeah, it's 2022 and I'm playing a 30 years old game! 

I have messed around with the game hex editor, and the only thing I was able to do was to keep Harah and Chani at the same time, except Harah would never leave the castle anymore. She seemed to associate it as her home. It was pretty cool.

However, I have heard rumors that it is possible to have Leto and the smugglers follow you, but nobody is explaining how to do so. I was wondering if it's even possible, or if it's just a myth? And if so, can anyone tell me how to do it?

That would be much appreciated, thanks in advance to the kind souls who will reply

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there's a sequence in a save game that should be something like 0D 0F 32 64 80 28 14 28 23 32 46 80 xx xx xx xx yy zz (this is in a new or early game, so your results may vary)

yy and zz are your party members - they'll be set to FF if nobody is in that slot. setting both of these bytes to 00 gives you two dads.


i tried setting one to 0D, which should be a smuggler, but this crashed the game.

forcing a character to follow you using this method will still leave them behind in the world, i think, because recruiting a character normally changes a byte in their character data. this is also why "come with me" is shown in the dialogue, i suspect.

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