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Dune 2000 question


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Good afternoon!

First of all, I'm sorry if my English is bad, I'm using a translator. I can only speak minimal English.
Since I retired, I have been playing dune 2000 in addition to solitaire, because it is very addictive. Unfortunately, it's getting a bit repetitive, so I thought a few new units and new buildings would be good.
I would like to ask, if I make the new graphics, can someone put them in the game for me to use? Unfortunately, over the age of 60, it's hard for me to understand new things, I also learned Paint with difficulty, but I can draw quite normal things with it.
I don't know if it matters, but I play the game with a modification that I found somewhere on a Hungarian forum. If anyone can help me with getting the new stuff into the game, could the modified version be the base?
I know that there are already many finished units and buildings, but it would be nice to see my own again, because I would feel that I did something for the matter. If anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it! If not, I understand that too.

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Hello again everyone!

I thought I'd share what I have so far, in case my belief in the first message might be better evaluated...
I managed to find a graphic designer who lives a few houses away from me in the village to help me organize the graphics.
I sent him lots of links on what graphics to use for the unit pictures, to see if it was faster than making everything from scratch, and I think he made some really good pictures!
In addition, he did the reduction, organized my small graphics for the units and gave me two imgur or other links that lead to the pictures. I think I can use these to share here as well.
I think it would be better to share the small collection first, then the big pictures. That might be more practical...


In descending order, the units are:
Atreides missile trike,
Harkonnen mortar trike,
Ordos raider quad,
missile quad to replace the original quad that fires missiles,
CHOAM artillery,
CHOAM tank with static turret,
Harkonnen flamethrower tank,
Guard turret,
Atreides tank destroyer,
Ordos hover tank,
CHOAM gun bike,
CHOAM buggy with rotating machine gun turret,
CHOAM rocket launcher
I think the bigger pictures are in a different order, but here they are:


If anyone is interested, I'll try to upload these to a sharing page.
Also, I would like to ask if someone could share with me the graphics sprites of the infantries in the game so that I can try to draw some based on them?
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Amazing graphics. I know some people that have been adding new units into their campaigns, so they may have interest in these units as well.

Feel free to share if you want.

If at any point you need the graphics for the game, you can download the resources editor here:

And then opening the file data.r16 from the original game.

I can search the graphics for the infantry for you, but I already must to warn that every infantry make use of +100 sprites worth of graphics. It is a lot of work and there is always a possible issue that the palettes used in the game are not compatible with the png, which means that if you use X color on the +100 images and then the game, since loads very specific palettes, maybe that color swap to "black" or "white", needing to fix all the +100 graphics which it is a lot of work.

I know some folks that know much more about the pallete things, they will appear to tell you eventually more in detail if needed.

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these sprites are beautiful! thank you for sharing!

palette conversion is a real bother :P when you import sprites, some shades of gray might be read as faction color where you don't intend it to be, and you might find there are shadows on sprites in places you don't intend for them. once you have the resources editor, try importing your sprites over whichever palette looks best - each unit has a different palette - and then make corrections from there. unfortunately that's the best way to do it at the moment, unless you can convert to a certain format of .bmp used in the latest version of the editor, but that too would most likely require corrections

the resources editor can also be used to obtain the sprites of infantry, but infantry have many more frames than vehicles!

thank you again for sharing, and I wish you luck in attempting an infantry spriteset :)

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