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Unused locomotive - does anyone know anything?

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On 7/3/2022 at 10:02 AM, eldomtom2 said:

While ripping sprites I found sprites for an unused steam locomotive in the game files. The files are labelled "QUE_". Does anyone know any more about this?


There's also one unused loco in the data, but it's not skinned with this, It might fit though. As I recall, it was a switch engine not well suited for mainline service.

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Bringing an old thread back here, but this locomotive is called the UP 0-4-0, and was in the vanilla RRT2, and for some reason removed completely in RRT2 TSC (its spot in the engine roster maybe replaced by TGVx?). It's intro date is somewhere around the 1840s, but even in the vanilla game was made inactive (similar to the 0-4-0 A3) so was rarely seen unless you enabled it in the editor. I used to play with the v1.05 CD version and this train and the 0-4-0 A3 used to amuse me, since you never saw it in scenario play.

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I've enabled it in TSC, but it appeared as a mono-colored model without a skin. Given its cost, dates and effectiveness, it is never the best engine for any use case unless a bunch of other engines are left out of a scenario. I deactivated it again because I was never going to buy one.

It's my understanding that it was a switch engine in RL, a use-case that is lost in a game about main line hauling. That may be why it was deactivated by the time RT2 upgraded to TSC.

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