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Corinno's ghola army


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Hi, I just finished "Winds of Dune" and started "Children of Dune".

At the end of the former, Shaddam IV and Hasimir Fenrin were amassing a ghola army and contacted Irulan to plot against the Atreides empire.

At the beginning of the latter, Shaddam is simply mentioned to be dead and nothing is known of Fenring and the ghola army. The Corinnos are now led by Winsecia, who has a different assassination plot in mind. Did I miss something or is one of those unexplored threads in Dune that will probably be filled by another story?

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On 6/13/2022 at 4:02 PM, Epigenesis said:

Hi, I just finished "Winds of Dune" and started "Children of Dune".

It is recommended that you read Frank Herbert's original hexalogy in order, then the new books, not in the supposed "chronological" order of events.

The short answer is that no "ghola army" (or whatever the new books might introduce) ever existed in the original universe and in Frank Herbert's vision, so no reason to expect them to appear in his books.

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