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Looking For Serenity's Dune: Spice Wars review from shameful 30€ 'barebones' E.Access release.


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Here's my review of Dune: Spice Wars that has 'Nickelodeon' art style, no introduction in any form once player launches the game, leader characters with no voice & shai-hulud with zero threat. Also more mindboggling things that are missing from it's 10-15€ misspriced Early Access release. This bad release led to refund & i know many who did the same. As a dedicated Arrakis gaming, telly, cinema & literature fan since early -90's the wait of 15+ years to end like this is very disappointing. Yes Shiro Games can still turn this around & make No Man's Sky touchdown if they understand to make workshop available & then their own crew to keep supporting the development with right changes & additions. Features like: Singleplayer campaign (even if it would come in parts), bigger map, more feeling of conflict, less cartoony graphics esp. for grimmy House Harkonnen.

Mod that changes Liet Kynes to form it's meant to be by late talented Frank Herbert will be most downloaded mod in no time. Also no doubt that good modders out there waiting to give us proper looking map & more good content ^^ I wish good rest of May month to everyone & remember to buy Dune Books & keep streaming latest Dune movie via HBO Max so WB knows that it's supported. It surely helps with sign of support to 'Sisterhood of Dune' series that comes to HBO Max maybe early next year. Long dream of New Arrakis game is swept away.. for now at least. :(

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